Sling TV is raising prices, and adding more free DVR space


Sling TV, Dish’s live TV streaming service, announced that it’s raising the prices on its packages and add-ons for new customers starting today. Both the Orange and Blue channel packages from Sling will go up by $5 to $35 per month for new subscribers or $50 per month when bundled together. Because of Sling’s existing one-year price guarantee, current subscribers won’t have to deal with the new prices until August 2021.

Along with the changes to the packages, Sling TV add-ons are also getting a small price bump. The “Sports Extra” for live sports is going up by $1 to $11 per month for new customers who subscribe to either Sling Blue or Orange. Customers who bundle Blue and Orange together will still pay $15 per month for the sports add-on.

All other extras and add-ons for comedy, lifestyle, and news channels will be raised by $1 to $6 per month. If navigating all of those add-ons seems like too much, Sling TV’s giant “total TV deal” for every add-on the service offers is available for new Orange or Blue package subscribers for $21 per month ($1 more than before). If you’re bundling Orange and Blue, you can get the deal for $27 per month ($2 more than before).

In addition to the new higher prices, Sling TV is also throwing in extra hours of DVR space. Customers will now have 10 extra hours, bringing up the total to 50 hours. If you subscribe to Sling’s DVR Plus add-on, your total DVR space will shoot up to 200 hours.

Sling last raised prices in 2019, but this year’s changes come after a cascade of rising TV subscription costs from competitors like YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV. At $50 per month for the combined Sling Orange and Sling Blue bundle, Sling TV is still cheaper than YouTube TV at $64.99 a month or Hulu with Live TV for the same price. Sling TV’s various add-ons and packages make it a lot more complicated to navigate, but if you’re looking for core cable channels, you can still get a deal at Sling, albeit a slightly more expensive one.


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