South Korean hotel issues apology after honeymooners find mirrored sauna was actually see-through


South Korea: A five-star South Korean hotel had to issue an apology to a newly-wed couple after a “mistake” that may have enabled the outsiders to see into their sauna. The issue came to light after the groom, who is also a prestigious korean blogger, wrote about his stay and experience at the Grand Josun hotel on February 15. 

“I went on my honeymoon to Jeju Island and stayed at a suite room at a newly opened five-star hotel but my honeymoon turned out to be the worst memory of my life,” he wrote. 

He said that he and his wife had enjoyed using the pool and sauna facilities at the hotel only to later realise what it was going to cost them.

“On my last day I went for a walk but as I looked at the windows of the sauna I found out that I was able to see inside the sauna from outside. I could see the thermometer inside the sauna through the windows. We could see the inside of the showers and bathrooms from outside, from the hotel entrance, walk path, car park and even hotel room balconies,” he added.

The groom blogger also disclosed that he and his wife were traumatised from the experience and the thought that they might have used bathrooms and showers in front of many people was very unsettling for them. “We’re getting therapy treatment,” revealed the blogger. 

The upscale hotel has tendered the apology on their website after the blog went viral. “We’re deeply sorry for causing any inconveniences to our customers in using some facilities at the women’s sauna at the Grand Josun Jeju Hill suite for missing mirror coating for some windows and operating the blinds,” the hotel said in a statement posted on February 18.

The hotel explained that the sauna area is protected by a ‘special coating’ that makes it impossible for people to see into it during the day. However, the coating doesn’t work at night which is why the blinds are drawn as soon as it gets dark.

The sauna operations at the hotel have been suspended for the time being and an investigation has been initiated to look into the ‘deficiencies and taking immediate action to correct them.’

After the guests complaint, the local police are looking into the matter. The police are now investigating if anyone was exposed while using the facilities or if anyone was taking illicit pictures or video from outside.

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