Spice Up Your Landscape With A Front Yard Herb Garden

Growing an herb garden in the front yard is a simple, low-cost way to ensure you always have these staples on hand. Gardening with herbs is an easy win, and fresh herbs are a staple in my cooking. They can elevate my otherwise ho-hum meal into a culinary masterpiece. A front yard herb garden is not only cost effective but allows you to know exactly how the herbs are grown. Plus they’re beautiful pollinator attractors. Read on to learn how to create your own gorgeous herb garden in your front yard.

Benefits of a Front Yard Herb Garden

There are several benefits to having a front-yard herb garden. As already mentioned, fresh herbs are the best way to add flavor and a little panache to uninspired dinners. Also, herbs can be costly, both fresh and dried. Growing your own keeps your budget in check without sacrificing flavor. And, many herbs are perennials, returning year after year.

When allowed to flower, most herb blooms attract pollinators. Welcome the bees with an abundance of oregano or lavender blooms. They will stick around and pollinate your fruit trees and veggie garden to thank you.

Many herbs also act as insect repellents, reducing the need for insecticides or other chemical controls. Herbs can also be interspersed with existing foliage, accentuating their beauty.

How to Grow an Herb Garden in Your Front Yard

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