Sunflowers From Seed – Growing Sunflowers Then And Now

One of my earliest memories of planting something from a seed was a sunflower that I grew for a school project. There’s nothing like the magic of seeing a small seed turn into such a magnificent flower. I still love starting plants from seeds and plan to include sunflowers next growing season. 

The Magic of Growing Sunflowers

I’m sure I planted seeds before this particular memory. My parents had a large vegetable garden from before I was a baby. I spent a lot of time there, so it’s likely I helped them plant seeds. The first time I remember growing a plant from seed was in elementary school. 

We did a science project on plants and had to choose something to grow. I loved eating sunflower seeds at the time, so my mom suggested I grow a sunflower. I can still remember wondering that the little seed I ate could turn into a massive flower. 

I started a few seeds in an old transplant tray with some soil. I watched them every day waiting for the seedlings to emerge. When they did, I think it was a little disappointing. They were so small. Within a few weeks though, I had larger transplants, and by the end of the summer I had a few tall, strong sunflowers on the edge of the vegetable garden. The school project was long over, but my love of growing plants had just begun. 

Growing Sunflowers Now

It’s been many years since I grew sunflowers but thinking back on these memories inspires me to try them once again. I don’t have a lot of sunny spots in my current yard, but I have one spot picked out for them. I’m already looking through seed catalogs and choosing some unique varieties to try such as:

  • American Giant: For record height, try this variety that can be 15 feet (4.5 m.) tall.
  • Little Becka: I’m excited about this variety for its orange and yellow petals on short stalks. 
  • Moulin Rouge: As the name suggests, this is a unique red variety. The petals are a deep, rich burgundy. 
  • Italian White: Also unique is this white variety. The petals are creamy white, and the centers are small and dark. 

I can’t wait to try these and maybe others. I still have time to finalize plans and shop for varieties before it’s time to sow seeds in spring.  

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