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The 30 Best Father’s Day Gifts of 2024 – My Top Picks


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I’ve rounded up some of the best Father’s Day gifts for the men in your life based on things I would personally give my husband, Tommy. No matter what the guy in your life is into, whether it’s cooking, working out, or hanging with the family, there’s something for them here.

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I’ve included items to improve your dad’s wardrobe, tools for the dad who loves to cook, items for the well-traveled guy, and lots more. These gift ideas also work for uncles, brothers, grandpas, in-laws, family friends, cousins, and any men in your life who deserve a thank you and a token of appreciation! I hope on of the best Father’s Day gifts will brighten his day! 

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The Best Father’s Day Gifts

1. For the Dad Who Loves a Smash Burger: Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press

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A smash burger is a smash burger unless it’s, well, smashed. This burger press makes it possible to enjoy his favorite kind of burger at home, and my husband wants one! The cast iron material is quite heavy, which creates crispy, cracked edges and a juicy center that will seriously upgrade your next family barbecue. To prevent sticking, place a piece of parchment paper over the burger ball before you smash!

2. For the Dad Who Needs a New Grill: Kamado Joe Classic Joe II Charcoal Grill

Credit: Amazon

The ultimate Father’s Day gift has to be a new grill! I love this Kamado Joe charcoal grill and it provides that great smokey flavor to burgers and steaks. The multilevel design allows you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures, so he can grill vegetables on one and smoke chicken on the other. It can reach temperatures from 225 degrees F to 750 degrees F, and there are two side shelves to help with prep!

3. For the Innovative Chef: Emile Henry Glazed Pizza Stone

Credit: Amazon

Grilled pizza is superior—and Dad can try out this innovative meal option with this special pizza stone. It’s one of my favorite pizza stones, and I think it’s quite stylish. It goes straight on his grill to fully cook a pie and provides a smokey flavor that you can’t get from an oven. But if he does want to opt for oven-cooked ‘za, this stone can work in there, too.

4. For the Dad Who Likes an Old Fashion: Siligrams Monogrammed Bartender Ice Cube Tray

Credit: Amazon

Who knew ice could be so personalized? These silicone ice cube molds can be personalized with his monogram to create a truly unique way to chill his favorite cocktails. The 2-inch cubes melt slowly, too, so they won’t dilute his drink too much. Pair it with a bottle of his favorite whiskey and your gift is complete.

5. For the One Who Offers to Cook: Blackstone Flat Griddle Grill

Credit: Amazon

My husband has also been eyeing this portable griddle from Blackstone, which is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to cook at a campsite or beach or doesn’t have the room for a full grill. It’s only 22 inches long, but can still fit up to 12 burgers, and with 24,000 BTUs of heat, it cooks things fast. It could be one the best Father’s Day gifts he never knew he needed.

6. For the Sentimental Dad: Minted Golden Dad Custom Photo Art

Credit: Minted

The dad of multiple kids will definitely appreciate this sweet artwork that allows for different photos within the letters D-A-D. You can customize the colors, frame, size, and text for a truly sentimental gift he’ll love to display on his desk or in his office. It’s one of those gifts that truly reminds him that he’s Dad.

7. For the Margarita Lover: Rocks Glasses and Margarita Salts

Credit: Amazon/West Elm

You can’t go wrong with a margarita and making a great one at home is easy with the right tools. Bring a special flourish to the drink with Red Clay’s Spicy Margarita salts. The blend of lime, salt, sugar, chili, and orange peel from Charleston based Red Clay makes any drink feel extra special. They add extra flavor with each sip. Just rub the glass rim with a lime and dip in the salt. The salts are also delicious on popcorn or fish tacos.

I also love these colored rocks glasses from Estelle Colored Glass to serve it in. The color options are a little retro and looks great alongside a bowl of chips and salsa. You can use them for cocktails, a fancy iced coffee, or whisky on the rocks.

Buy the Red Clay Spicy Margarita Salt:

Estelle Colored Glass Rocks Glasses:

8. For the Dad With Mismatched Socks: Bombas Sock Gift Box

Credit: Bombas

Bombas socks have a cult following for a reason. They’re extremely comfortable, and hold up after many wears and trips through the washing machine. But best yet, if one rips or gets lost, the company will replace it! Get him this set, which includes calf and ankle socks, and he’ll never go back to his mismatched socks and he can use them for everything from dressing up or working out. He’ll especially love that the brand will donate a pair of socks for every pair purchased, so your gift to Dad will give to others. 

9. For the Dad Who Loves a Roadie: BrüMate Rocks

Credit: Amazon

For sipping his favorite cocktails and whiskeys on the go, this 12-ounce tumbler from BruMate is perfect. It’s great for keeping his favorite spirits chilled without diluting the flavor with melting ice, thanks to the triple-insulated stainless steel. That makes it perfect for using indoors as much as bringing it to a tailgate or beach walk. It even has that classic rocks glass square shape to it.

10. For the Dad Who Gets to the Airport Early: Mark & Graham Passport Cover

Credit: Mark & Graham

Thank Dad for always making sure everyone is prepared with their passports with a personalized passport cover for his next big trip. It’s one of the best Father’s Day gifts for a traveler. You can customize it up to three characters for a monogram and can choose from 10 different leather colors. Plus, a new passport cover is a great excuse to plan the next family trip!

11. For the Grillmaster: ThermoPro Digital Meat Thermometer

Credit: Amazon

If Dad is committed to the grill, he needs a digital meat thermometer. I use this one and love that it gives you accurate temperature readings, and it’s waterproof for easy cleanup. He can use it for barbecuing, deep frying, or roasting meats. This Father’s Day will definitely have to involve a test drive of it for family dinner!

12. For the Dad Who Grills Everything: Grill Baskets

Credit: Amazon

A new grill basket will completely elevate how Dad takes advantage of the grill, allowing him to char more delicate vegetables, potatoes, or fish that might otherwise fall through the grates. I like this folding one from Mr. Barbecue that locks everything in place, so your entire meal stays secure while over a fire. It also comes with a basting brush, grilling gloves, and a portable case for grilling away from home!

The design of this rolling grill basket is also super useful and allows you to flip veggies with ease just by rolling the grate around. It’s a huge time saver and would be great on a smaller grill where you have less room to turn.

Buy the Mr. Barbecue Stainless Steel Folding Grill Basket:

Buy the YMXHK Rolling Grilling Basket:

13. For the Dad Known for His Chili: Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Whether his signature dish is a pot of chili or spaghetti and meatballs, you can upgrade his current Dutch oven with the ultimate cooking gift from Staub. I love the Staub one because it’s cast iron, which means it will last forever (he might even pass it down to the kids one day). It’s easy to clean and comes in a ton of color options. At 5.5 quarts, this pot is the perfect size for cooking for a grou,p and it’s pretty enough to use as a serving dish at game day parties and holidays

14. For the Dad Who’s Given Up on Hard Pants: Lululemon ABC Jogger

For the dad who works remotely and has no plans to return to hard pants, there’s nothing better than these cult-favorite Lululemon ABC pants. The line is beloved for its comfort and modern look. They feel like sweatpants but look polished enough for a Zoom call or out and about running errands. They come in a lot of colors, lengths, and sizes, and once he gets a pair, he’ll definitely want another. It might be one of the best Father’s Day gifts yet.

15. For the Dad With the Best Playlists: Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

Dads have great taste in music—they introduce us to the oldies, start the party, and bring us to our first concerts. Get him a speaker to set the summer vibes. This one is waterproof so he can bring the tunes poolside. The battery life is 24 hours and the sound quality is fantastic. Plus, It’s small enough to bring around with him to the the golf course, or the park.

16. For the Dad Who Always Suggests Pizza: Ooni Pizza Oven and a Pizza Stone

A backyard pizza oven is a gift for the whole family and I love this one from Ooni. This portable pizza oven lets you cook pizzas in just 60 seconds and has a glass door so you can watch the pizza rise while it cooks. This model lets you even make wood fired pizza will bring a whole new meaning to pizza night. Try it with my Margherita Pizza!

For a more affordable option, I also recommend this pizza stone that can be used in a regular oven. It makes such a crispy crust—even with store-bought dough. Just make sure you heat it up in the oven prior for the best results. 

Buy the Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven:

Buy the California Pizza Stone Square Industrial Pizza Stone: 

17. For the Dad Who Never Misses a Workout: Lifepro Adjustable Dumbbell

We love a dad who’s committed to fitness, and these adjustable weights are a must for any home gym. They don’t take up a lot of space, and he easily can switch from 5 to 25 pounds and everything in between. It’s a total space saver and is easy to grab when he only has a few minutes to spare for a quick pump. He can even bring these on a road trip so he can get in a workout on the go. 

18. For the Dad Who Loves a Backyard Hang: Solo Stove Ranger 2.0

This is a unique gift for the dad who loves the crackle of a fire and sipping a beer as the sun goes down. This stove is portable (it comes with a carrying case) and it’s smokeless and easy to use, with a tray that makes ash cleanup easy. He can use it in the backyard, at a tailgate, or while camping, and it’s a perfect gift if the whole family loves spending time outdoors. If you want to cook on the stove, the brand also sells grill accessories for all kinds of campfire meals. Dubbed one of the best Father’s Day gifts, it will make Dad very popular at the campsite. 

19. For the Dad Who Always Looks Sharp: Vuori Ace Polo Shirt

Vuori makes extremely comfortable athleisure, and this polo shirt will keep Dad looking good, whether he’s on the golf course or at a nice dinner. It has moisture-wicking fabric to keep him cool and comes in three stylish colors. It’s also super soft and easy to care for. This will be the first thing he reaches for when he doesn’t know what to wear!

20. For the Dad Who Always Has Your Back: Tumi Delta ID Lock Shielded Slim Single Billfold

If Dad has ever slipped you $20 on your way out, he deserves to be treated with a new wallet. This one has a special ID lock feature to keep his ID and cards secure. It also has a slim profile for easy pocket carrying. Tumi products are built to last, and we know he’ll love this one!

21. For the Dad on a Health Kick: Ninja Foodi Smoothie Bowl Maker

Goodbye protein shakes. Hello, smoothie bowls. Eaten with a spoon and loaded with toppings, they make a typical smoothie extra special. Help Dad turn the kitchen into a nutrient-filled juice shop with this smoothie bowl maker. I love this powerful Ninja that blends frozen fruit without a ton of liquid for that perfect smoothie bowl texture. And you can also use it for blender ice creams and even homemade nut butter. I really recommend this—and he can totally add protein powder for a super boost.

22. For the Dad Who Packs Lunch: Thermos Stainless Steel Food Jar

During a busy work day, having a packed lunch is essential. For packing leftovers, lunch, and meals on the go, I use this Thermos to keep my food warm for up to 9 hours, and Tommy uses one for work. It’s really perfect for any guy you know who eats on the run, and the included spoon means he won’t be utensilless.

23. For the Father of the Year: Threshold Love You Dad Mug

Credit: Target

There’s something so classic about gifting a Dad mug for Father’s Day. I love this sweet one that reads “I Love You, Dad” that he can sip his morning cup of coffee from each day. It’s just $5, so it would make a great gift for a younger kid to their dad or as a nice add on gift.

24. For the Dad Who Needs Some Assistance: Echo Dot (5th Gen)

My Echo Dot (and Alexa) has made my life so much easier—and it can help Dad out too! I use my Alexa to keep track of all my appointments, play music while I’m cooking or writing, and build my shopping list as the day goes on. This is one of the best Father’s Day gifts for any guy who’s trying to keep together a busy household and life.

25. For the Comfy Dad: Hey Dude Wally Stretch

My husband loves these so much that he has them in every color. They’re a great casual shoe to throw on and they’re comfortable without looking like slippers. What he really loves is the foam insoles that make them feel like you’re stepping on a cloud all day. They’ll quickly become his go-to summer shoes.

26. For the Dad Who Has Work Trips: Monos 23-Inch Carry-On Luggage

Credit: Monos

If Dad is a jet setter, a new stylish suitcase would make the perfect Father’s Day gift! The sleek black hardshell has multiple zip-mesh pockets on the inside to keep socks and underwear separate from his clothes. The compression straps pull everything together in case he’s an overpacker. I also like that the brand is Climate Neutral Certified and donates some of its profits to 1% for the Planet.

27. For the Athletic Dad: On Cloud 5 Running Shoes

Credit: Zappos

On Cloud sneakers are some of the most stylish options out there, and this running shoe is something he’ll be slipping on whether he’s heading to the gym or running a few errands. Tommy loves them!! They have the brand’s patented CloudTec cushioning at the sole that claims to soften every landing and make them comfortable for everyday wear. The laces are knotted, too, so he just needs to slip them on and head out the door!

28. For the Meat-Loving Dad: Butcher Box Steak Lovers’ Box

Nothing says Father’s Day quite like a juicy steak. You can gift Dad a box of high quality steak cuts from Butcher Box, all of which were grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pasture raised, and humanely raised. The box comes with 2 ribeyes, 2 filet mignons, 2 NY strips, and 4 top sirloins, which you can cook using my steak recipes for the perfect meal.

29. For the Dad Who Needs to Relax: Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Credit: Amazon

Life and stress can lead to some unfortunate cricks in your neck, and Dad can rub them out with this fancy neck and back massager. It has 8 massage nodes and even an heating function for the most relaxing experience. It’s the next best thing to gifting him an acutal massage.

30. For the Grilling Dad: Grill Rescue BBQ Replaceable Scraper

Credit: Amazon

If the dad in your life cares about tending to his grill as much as my husband does, then he’ll love this special grill brush that’s one of my favorite grill tools. This one from Grill Rescue uses steam to gently remove any leftover residue, which we find is better than using one that has bristles that can fall off and end up in your food. It’s super easy to use; just preheat your grill, dunk the brush in water, and watch your grill grease wash away.

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