The 7 Best Types Of Cypress To Grow In Your Garden

“Cypress” is a name or nickname bestowed on a variety of species of trees. Technically, the term refers to coniferous trees in the cypress family Cupressaceae. In that group, there are true cypress trees (with feathery evergreen foliage and cones like big acorns), located in the plant genus Cupressus. Other evergreens – not in the Cupressus genus – are called false cypress. So it’s cypress versus false cypress when you are making a choice.

The universe of cypress species is quite vast, so you may be stumped by what cypress to grow in your landscape. It’s important to choose wisely, since some cypress are tall, some are small, some are easy to grow, and others hard to grow. We’ll make it simpler for you by outlining six of our favorite, easy-to-grow common cypress trees.

The 6 Best Cypress Trees To Grow

The same rules of reason apply to selecting cypress as to buying any other plant. You will want to choose a shrub or tree that works well in your USDA hardiness zone, will thrive in the sun exposure and soil of the particular planting site, and that will fit – at its mature size – into your garden space. If you are aiming for a specific garden themes, this should be taken into account as well.

1. Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa)

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