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This Is The Point Where I Second Guess My Decisions

Every big project I tackle seems to reach a point where I start second-guessing my decisions. And I’ve now reached that point in the studio project. I’ve finally gotten all of the huge projects in this room done, and now I’m left with a bunch of medium- to small-sized projects to finish the room. And this is about the time I start second-guessing.

I really do love the way this room is coming together, although right now, it’s kind of hard to tell with all of my tools and things piled up all over the place. My desk is piled with stuff that needs to be organized into the cabinets. My work tables are piled with tools and things I’m currently working on. So it’s a little difficult to see past all of the clutter to see the actual room. But when I do look past it, I really do love how it’s all coming together.

But yesterday, I did have a little freak out moment when I wondered if the large cabinet section I’m working on right now is too large, too pink, and too monolithic.

I know I need to wait until it’s finished and just trust the process and trust the vision. And the fact is that when a person is standing in the actual room, there’s never a chance that they’ll only see that one section. When in the room, you can’t help but to see the mural wall and everything else. (Look past the clutter if you can. 😀 )

And of course, once all of the tools and supplies are cleared out, that shelving unit is in the storage closet where it will stay (once the storage closet is cleared out), and the room is clean and clear of clutter, it will look so much better.

I know I need to wait before I start changing up the plan. The office section isn’t even done yet, so I need to be patient. The window still needs a shade to match the other windows. I still need to install the sconces. And then I’ll have a very colorful pendant light hanging above the desk. The desk will be white and gold, and the office chair will add more color once it’s reupholstered.

So I know I need to be patient, but I still can’t help but wonder if the office cabinet area needs something else. Maybe the desk chair needs more color than just the solid green I had planned. Or maybe it’s good that that area is a calm in the middle of the other colorful and busy areas. I just don’t know.

After all, you can’t enter the room without also seeing this massive cabinet sitting just inside the door.

One small change that I’m definitely going to make is to paint over the black on that paint swatch cabinet. I’ve decided that I want it to be white instead of black. The black just looks too harsh to me.

So before I get to far down this rabbit hole of deciding on changes that I want to make, I know I just need to plow forward and trust the plan and trust the vision. And I should probably take a day to clean up the studio and remove all of the clutter. That would probably go a long way towards helping me see what changes (if any) really do need to happen. If anything, I’m just thinking maybe the desk chair needs a colorful pattern on it to break up that huge area of pink cabinets. But then again, maybe the pendant light will take care of it. I guess I’ll wait and see, and just keep moving forward.



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