Today Is a Great Day to Start Playing Magic: The Gathering

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Magic: The Gathering, or MtG as it is known, can often feel like a daunting game to start. There are a lot of rules, a lot of different ways to play and an enormous number of cards. It can sometimes feel that investing the money to play may not be worth it if the game is hard to get into. Where to even start?

One of the most popular game variants, Commander, offers a way to play with more than the standard two players. It comes complete in a box with a prebuilt deck that is perfectly balanced. This gives you an opportunity to learn the game with a deck that isn’t under- or overpowered.

Right now, Wizards of the Coast is offering some of its latest Commander decks at reduced prices for Amazon Prime Day, some as low as $18. That’s a big saving and makes deciding whether you should start playing much easier. For the cost of a round of coffees, you can start playing a fantastic game that may, or may not become your next obsession. 

We’ve been seeing a lot of great board game deals this Prime Day, so keep an eye on our other content, especially our live blog where we constantly update you with the latest deals.

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