Top-Rated Goa Beaches that Should Be Included Within Your Travel Itinerary

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Goa is popularly known as the land of golden-sand beaches that is embellished with tangled palm trees touching the sky. With a completely relaxed and serene atmosphere, Goa stands in stark contrast to all other bustling destinations in India.

So boarding a Mumbai to Goa flight and making a short visit to this beach paradise is absolutely worthwhile. Also, the exotic beauty and serenity that Goa holds are bound to rejuvenate you. Nevertheless, a myriad of events and activities going on across the year will give you the best time.

In this article, we will explore some of Goa’s most popular coastal hot spots. We’re sure this will help you plan your upcoming vacation to Goa and let you have the most memorable trip.

Come, let’s dive in.

Famed Coastal Hot Spots of Goa

Some of the immensely popular beaches, like Palolem Beach and Colva Beach, extensively draw tourists to Goa. Nevertheless, the golden-sand beaches and the entangled palm trees are what make Goa one of the most beloved destinations in India.

Here is a list of the beaches that play a starring role among all the attractions in Goa:

Colva Beach is one of Goa’s most popular beaches, especially among Indian tourists. The stretch of bronze sand is spotted with swaying palms. And occasionally, you will find cows sunbathing next to the tourists.

You can rent Jet Skis or hop on a banana boat to experience a thrilling ride if you wish. Here, you will also get to parasail and enjoy a bird’s-eye-view of the beach. There are only homestay accommodations in this area. So, it will let you experience a local-style vacation at the beaches.

Palolem Beach is a crescent-shaped stretch of white sand overlooking the Arabian Sea in the southern side of Goa. You can simply soak up the scenery of this beautiful area and enjoy the serenity of the beach.

There are a plethora of activities that you can engage in at Palolem Beach. The list is endless, from yoga classes, kayaking, and swimming to dolphin watching. And if you wish to spend a night or two, you can stay at the Rustic coconut huts of Palolem.

While touring Goa, you will also find some other hidden gems. And Goa truly brims with a plethora of undiscovered beach attractions and treats you to the glorious sand and surf.

To Conclude

Other than beaches, you will also come across some exclusive Portuguese-influenced cuisine, historic temples and churches. Also, you will get to see the fascinating spice farms and the vibrant wildlife of Goa. So no matter how long you plan your Goa trip, you will always want to stay for a few more days.

Since the beaches of Goa are way more picturesque than Juhu Beach, you must start planning your Goa trip. So what are you waiting for? Book your Goa flight and get ready to fly off to the paradise of beaches.

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