Urban Composting Guide: How To Make Compost In The City

Urban composting enriches the soil and supports healthy plant growth, even in the middle of a big city. Composting is the managed decomposition of organic waste into nutrient-rich material used for soil amendment. We think of a compost pile being relatively easy to manage with a lot of garden space or out in the country, but what if you’re a city gardener? Composting in urban areas can be done on a smaller scale.

Benefits of Urban Composting

Composting in the city has many benefits, as it does in any area. If you produce waste and grow plants, there are several reasons to compost:

  • Give your waste new life instead of sending it to a landfill or incinerator. Compost is made from kitchen and yard waste.
  • Good compost supports healthy plant growth by providing needed nutrients and refreshing spent soil or amending poor soil.
  • In addition to adding nutrients to the soil, compost lightens compacted soils to improve aeration and root growth.
  • By using compost to soil, you reduce the need to use chemical fertilizers. You’ll also save water, as compost improves water retention.

How to Compost in Urban Areas for Beginners

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