Vivo X90 camera specs leak ahead of an imminent announcement

(Pocket-lint) – Vivo is expected to announce the X90 lineup before the year ends and a new report claims to have outed at least some camera specifications.

If the rumours turn out to be true we can expect Vivo to announce its new X90 lineup at some point in December, but while some specifications had already leaked there wasn’t an awful lot mentioned about the cameras. Now, a new report citing an anonymous insider claims to have at least some of the details.

That doesn’t mean that we now know everything, but we do have an idea about what will go into the main, telephoto, and portrait cameras. Starting with the main camera, we’re told that a new 1-inch sensor will be used, with the IMX989 expected to be put to work. That’ll reportedly be backed up by a new image signal processor (ISP) in the form of the Vivo V2.


Moving on to the telephoto, the report has a 64-megapixel OmniVision OV64B being used. That means a 1/2-inch sensor with support for pixel binning and HDR.

Next up, the portrait camera. Here, we’re told to look for a 50-megapixel shooter that uses the IMX758 (1/2.51-inch) which will be a first.

Similar to the latest iPhone 14, the report also has Vivo giving the X90 series support for filming, editing, and viewing of Dolby Vision content, too.

If all of this is indeed going to be announced in December we don’t have much longer to wait for the gaps to be filled in. When we do, it looks likely that the Vivo X90 lineup will be one to watch out for, with more details likely to leak in the coming weeks.

Writing by Oliver Haslam.

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