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Through a variety of circumstances, there may come a time when your dog has trouble controlling his bladder or bowels. Fortunately, many companies offer dog diapers specifically made in a range of styles and sizes to accommodate all breeds and types of dogs.

As the name implies, a dog diaper is a piece of absorbent material that wraps around a dog’s bottom and between his or her legs to absorb and retain urine and feces. A dog diaper also features a hole to accommodate the dog’s tail.

What’s the purpose of a dog diaper?

Some of the reasons a dog might need a diaper include medical conditions, injuries, age and, for female dogs, being in heat. If your dog is showing signs of incontinence, schedule an appointment with your vet. In some cases, your vet can treat the underlying condition causing the issue, and your dog will need diapers only temporarily.

How to make dog diapers stay on

As you might expect, a dog diaper works best when it is properly fitted to your dog. Manufacturers provide guides for the products they offer based on a dog’s weight and size, with the measurement of the narrowest part of your dog’s waist typically determining which size you should buy. Some manufacturers also recommend that you measure from that point on your dog’s back (the narrowest part of his waist) to the base of his tail (on the top side of his back) as well as the narrowest part of his waist of your dog’s waist on his belly to the underside of the base of his tail.

Disposable vs. reusable dog diapers

Reusable dog diapers, such as this one from Paw Inspired, need to be washed regularly and typically have fasteners that are more secure than disposable dog diapers. © Paw Inspired

Once you know which size to purchase for your dog, how do you decide between disposable diapers or reusable ones? Weston Dudley of Paw Inspired Pet Hygiene Products listed some of the factors that can help you choose which type of dog diaper is best for your dog:

  • Environmental impact: Though washable diapers can be reused, disposable diapers are often made of paper pulp from sustainable and renewable sources.
  • Length of your pet’s condition: As mentioned earlier, is your dog’s need for diapers temporary or long-term?
  • Hygiene: Because a disposable diaper is replaced with a brand new one, some consider the disposable type more hygienic.
  • Cleaning: Are you willing to wash reusable dog diapers regularly?
  • Security: In general, most washable diapers feature fasteners that are harder for a dog to escape.
  • Performance: Depending on your dog’s ailment, you may prefer the ability of disposable diapers to absorb more.
  • Price: While they may cost more up front, over the long-term reusable diapers tend to be less expensive.

Some options for disposable dog diapers include the Ultra Protection Disposable Dog Diapers from Paw Inspired, Wee-Wee Disposable Diapers from Four Paws, Disposable Dog Diapers from Hartz and Disposable Male Wraps and Female Diapers by Vet’s Best.

For reusable dog diapers, check out Premium Dog Diapers by Barkertime, Premium Male & Female Dog Diapers by Pet Parents, PoochPants by PoochPad and Washable Dog Diapers by Paw Inspired. Many independent seamstresses also sell washable dog diapers on websites such as Etsy.

A final word about dog diapers: Help your pet stay comfortable — and avoid leakage messes — by changing the diaper frequently. Your dog will thank you!


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