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What Do You Like About Yourself?

It’s a cold January day. Let’s take a moment to chat about something fun: What do you like about yourself? I’ll go first…

I like that I try hard to see my children for who they are, not who I imagine them to be. I’m always curious about their quirks and observations and personal style. (Like, Toby wearing American flag pants for three years, ha!) I love watching them grow into their own people. (P.S. Why is it so hard to say things we like about ourselves? That paragraph look me 30 minutes to write!)

When we asked a similar question five years ago, we got some beautiful reader answers…

Says Suzi: “I have a motto: ‘Do it scared. Do it tired.’ I live according to my values and I show up for my life. I won’t back down from doing something if the reasons are fear or being tired.”

Says Tara: “One of my elementary students just wrote a poem about me saying that I ‘make everything feel so safe.’”

Says Julie: “That I read fast and never apologize for reading books that are considered ‘trash.’”

Says Denise: “I am a fantastic walker. I can walk for miles and miles.”

Says Ali: “While I may be a bad host (I always host an awkward party), I am a KILLER guest. Games – I’m down! Lull in conversation, I’m in there! Jokes – I’m laughing! I basically just love my enthusiasm.”

Please share yours below — I would love to hear. xoxo

P.S. What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to you?

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