What Flowers are Poisonous to Dogs?


Flowers brighten our homes on dark days. They make for gorgeous Valentine’s Day gifts and centerpieces. Outside, they boost our curb appeal and beautify our yards.

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But as pretty as they are to look at and smell, some flowers are poisonous to dogs. That’s the bad news. But there are a couple of pieces of good news. First, roses aren’t in the dog house.

“They are not toxic,” says Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lisette Lewis, DVM.

You also don’t have to swear off plants that are toxic to dogs altogether. You’ll just want to keep them out of your pup’s reach. To help you protect your furry friend, Dr. Lewis shared which flowers are harmful to dogs.

Are poinsettias dangerous to dogs?

Every year around the holidays, we get warnings about these festive flowers. But Dr. Lewissays these warnings are a bit overstated. “They are not going to die from eating a poinsettia,” she shares. That said, you still don’t want your dog to eat one. “It’s an irritant to the mouth and stomach,” Dr. Lewis says. Symptoms include vomiting.

Are tulips poisonous to dogs?

These pretty blooms make pretty additions to bouquets and outdoor gardens, but tulips are toxic to dogs. The entire plant is poisonous, but parents of dogs who like to dig should be extra careful. “The highest toxicity is in the bulb,” Dr. Lewissays. “A dog may get at that if they are digging down into the plant.” You can mitigate this risk indoors by putting the tulip in a vase without the bulb and outdoors by telling your pup to “leave it” on a walk. If you have tulips in the backyard, consider putting a fence around them. Symptoms, including diarrhea, lethargy and vomiting, present within 12 hours.

Are daisies toxic to dogs?

“Flower child” types love putting daisies in their hair and crowns. They’re also common in bouquets and gardens. But keep Fido away. “Left untreated, [eating daisies] can certainly be fatal in high quantities,” Dr. Lewis says. Diarrhea, vomiting, muscle convulsions and drooling are common symptoms, and they usually start within one to six hours.

Are peonies poisonous to dogs?

These big spring blooms are often hailed as the gold standard of wedding flowers. Gorgeous as peonies may be, they are toxic to dogs. Like other flowers, peonies can cause diarrhea, lethargy and vomiting in dogs.

Here’s what to do if your dog ate a flower. Photo: mb-fotos/Getty Images

My dog ate a flower. Now what?

Even if a plant isn’t on this list, it’s best to check with your vet if you’re concerned. Have any information, such as tags from a bouquet, at the ready so you can go over what you know about the plant. Your vet will let you know whether or not your pup needs to come in for treatment. Caught early enough, your dog should make a full recovery. “The sooner they bring their pets in, the better,” Dr. Lewis says. There’s not a magic pill, though. “Usually, we induce vomiting…and get three-fourths of the flower,” Dr. Lewis says.

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