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What to consider when buying a fireplace

Fireplaces are a great addition to the home as they not only have functional, but also aesthetic benefits. However, purchasing a fireplace isn’t a straightforward task. You’ll have to consider different factors and the fact that this fireplace will remain in your house for years, you’ll need to get your choice right. This article will serve to help you in your decision.

·       Determine your motivation for owning a fireplace

There are several reasons for owning a fireplace. It could be that you want to replace an old fireplace, update the aesthetic of the home or reduce heating costs. What you’ll need to do is find out exactly why you want a fireplace. This should then help you choose a fireplace that will meet your needs.

·       Select the fuel type you prefer

It is advisable that this decision should be taken very early. There are three common fuel types: wood, electricity and gas. All of them come with their own strengths and advantages. For wood burning fireplaces, even though they create an enjoyable ambience due to the smell and sound of burning wood, they require constant maintenance. As for the electricity and gas fireplaces, they don’t need to be constantly maintained because they don’t produce smoke. You also have a lot of features from which to select from with these fireplaces.

·       Make a list of features you want in a fireplace

Unlike wood burning fireplaces, gas and electric fireplaces come with a lot of features that you have to consider when making your choice. You can make a list of the features you want which will make things easier. You should also consider the aesthetic features you’d like. You could make use of showrooms to come to a decision. These showrooms with fireplaces London have live models which will give you an idea of how your fireplace will look.

·       Keep your expectations in check

If the main aim of getting a fireplace is for it to act as a secondary heat source, you should know that there’s a major difference between a fireplace and a furnace. For furnaces, they are able to evenly distribute heat throughout a house. However, for fireplaces, they can only distribute heat for a particular room. This important distinction should be noted.

·       Consult a professional to install the fireplace

A fireplace’s efficiency, durability and operation are highly dependent on its installation. That’s why it is absolutely necessary that you hire a licensed HVAC contractor or certified chimney technician to conduct the installation process. If your fireplace is not properly installed, its durability will be affected and it genuinely could become a hazard – which could mean a fire or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

In conclusion

It can be quite the task to buy the most ideal fireplace for your home. Hopefully this article has helped to address most of the concerns you might have had. These factors and tips should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing a fireplace.


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