When To Do Spring Garden Clean-Up To Help Pollinators

Spring is the season of new beginnings and heralds the wonder and delights of the garden’s rebirth. But everyone’s heard of spring cleaning – and that usually comes before the pleasure – both inside the house and out back in the garden. I’m often wondering when I should clean my garden in the spring. The housecleaning you can start at any time, but when to start spring garden clean up? You’ll have to be more organized than spontaneous about timing if you want to do right by butterflies.

Spring Clean Up and Insects

As winter melts into spring, the rhythm of the garden starts ticking up again, and a gardener’s thoughts turn to the heavy workload ahead. It’s tempting to jump in as early as possible in spring. But that may not be the best idea.

If you are considering when to clean garden beds in spring, think of the insects overwintering there. Insects use the plants in your garden in amazing ways during winter, some burrowing down in the soil to overwinter, others – in larvae or egg stage – use garden plants as hosts.

Given all these potential forms of life taking shelter in the garden, it’s easy to understand how alarming early spring cleaning might be to them. A wise gardener will take care to accommodate these winter garden dwellers.

When Should I Clean My Garden in Spring?

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