Why now’s the best time to trade in your old Samsung Galaxy pho

(Pocket-lint) – Now’s the best time to trade in or sell your old Samsung Galaxy handset. That’s because trade-in prices are currently as high as they’re going to get before the Galaxy S21 series is on the streets.

As the Galaxy S21 series has now launched, the best thing you can do is confirm a trade-in price as soon as possible to ensure a high price on trade-in. 

Usually, you have a few days of grace after the event while prices are still OK, but after that trade-in prices tend to decline significantly, so the cash you’ll get can only go downhill from here. Most trade-in sites will guarantee the price they give you for a couple of weeks. 

MusicMagpie suggests that, on average, new Samsung models lose 64% of their value after being on sale for 12 months and then 74% after 24 months.

Older Galaxy phones have maintained a relatively steady price for the past five months, according to Compare and Recycle.

Music Magpie suggests customers trading in a Samsung Galaxy S20 can expect to earn up to £310, while those with a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra could get up to £364, but these might only be worth £245 and £288 in three months’ time. O2 Recycle is offering up to £350 trade-in values based on the average trade-in value of Samsung handsets this time last year. 

Because of their issues on launch, the worst-performing Samsung trade-in handsets have been foldable – after just one month the Galaxy Fold’s value dropped by a huge 75% and the Galaxy Flip dropped by 73%.

Samsung Galaxy S21 SIM-free prices

Galaxy S21 5G

128GB – $799, £769, €849 

256GB – $849, £819


Galaxy S21+ 5G

128GB – $999, £949, €1,049 

256GB – $1,049, £999


Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

128GB – $1,199, £1,149, €1,149 

256GB – $1,249, £1,199

512GB – $1,379, £1,329


Writing by Dan Grabham.

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