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Zep Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

Over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, our experts have seen dozens of new brands pop up in the market with hand sanitizer launches, some of which have come under fire by the FDA for having subpotent levels of actives or having harmful contaminants. But this is a product you can trust.


Zep Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel 1 Gallon (Case of 4 w/ Pumps) 70% Alcohol – Made in the USA – Backed by Good Housekeeping


Renowned for providing cleaning products and services for commercial and industrial settings for over 80 years, Zep’s commitment to manufacturing excellence, innovation and consumer safety impressed our Institute Lab experts.

  1. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. This gel hand sanitizer is made with 70% ethyl alcohol (ethanol) — which is one of three active ingredients approved by the FDA for use in a consumer hand sanitizer. Zep verifies that each batch of hand sanitizer, all made in U.S. factories, contains a minimum of 70% alcohol by volume. Like any other waterless hand sanitizers, it should be used when washing with soap and water is not possible. To get the “germ kill” action going, douse gel right onto the palm and rub hands and fingers thoroughly for at least 20 seconds or until completely dry.
  2. CLEAN SKIN FEEL. In our expert evaluations, we found that the low-viscosity gel is easy to spread, dries fast and leaves hands feeling clean. One user found it “not sticky” and that it left hands “refreshed.” She was also pleased with the condition of her hands after multiple uses: “I expected it to dry my hands [due to high alcohol content], but I haven’t noticed that it did that!”
  3. LIGHTLY SCENTED. Our at-home users found that the intensity of the formula’s clean scent was “just right” signaling its “cleaning action” without overpowering the senses. Another tester added: “I like that I only smell alcohol, which at this moment in time is what I consider clean!”. Our experts also appreciated the no-frills minimalistic formula which has no added colorants.
  4. AFFORDABLE AND VERSATILE. Whatever your need, the gel comes in three conveniently sized (500 ml/17 fl oz, 1 liter/34 fl oz, and 1 gallon/128 fl oz) pump bottles. With a price of just under 20 cents per ounce, the gallon size is the most economical for large families, school settings and office environments. It is also perfect for refilling empty on-the-go hand sanitizer bottles and helping minimize plastic waste. If you don’t have the need for a gallon size, you can purchase several of the 500 ml pumps to place in different locations around the house, like your kitchen, front and/or garage door for after receiving packages and in the car, as this size fits perfectly into a cup holder.
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