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20 Great Things to Do If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

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Technically, we all know being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal. But it’s hard not to feel a little sad when you see romantic movies and TV shows take over your streaming service recommendations, a bit lonely as couples pass by your window walking hand-in-hand or a tad irritated as you’re confronted with aisles of teddy bears and Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy when you’re just trying to pick up your groceries for the week. And that’s totally normal and even healthy. “At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel seen, heard, valued and appreciated,” says Jennifer Taitz, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist and author of How to Be Single and Happy. “Even people who are completely comfortable being single can have their confidence shaken on a day that their peers are walking around with physical evidence of admiration and adoration.”

In other words, you’re not a desperate, bitter killjoy if Valentine’s Day is hard on your singlehood. You’re just a human with feelings. One of the best ways to combat getting too far into your feelings is to set a plan for February 14, so you don’t end up devouring a pint of ice cream while cyberstalking your ex. We found some great, COVID-safe activities that are healthy, fun and will help you celebrate your fabulous self on V-Day or anytime.

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Host a Game Night

There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned game night to keep your mind off the mushy stuff, especially when you throw booze and non-PG games into the mix. Gather your bubble and get your game on, or play some online favorites from afar.

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Indulge in a DIY Spa Day

Pamper yourself with a face mask, DIY mani-pedi, a relaxing bath with nice candles and some relaxing music. You deserve the best, so treat yourself like the queen that you are on Valentine’s Day in particular.



“If you value giving love, not just receiving love, then there are other ways to give love besides being in a relationship, like volunteering and helping others,” says Taitz. Check out the virtual volunteer opportunities on with giving opportunities like fielding emails for a pet rescue that you can do from home.


Treat Yourself

If you’ve had your eye on a special something, a big-ticket item or a sweet nothing that will really make you smile, treat yourself. There’s no rule saying that other people have to buy you flowers, candy or traditional V-Day gifts either. Wrap it up nice and pretty and show yourself some love!

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Unplug for the Day

“Social media has the power to make even independent, confident people compare themselves to others and make them wonder if everyone else has it better,” says Taitz. Take a temporary break from social media to keep the bombardment of lovey dovey messages at bay.


Get Out in Nature

Take a hike, a park walk, or just stand outside for a few moments and get some fresh air. Connecting with nature in whatever way you can may help you center yourself, and a little exercise never hurts either.


Bake a Sweet Treat

With all of the precise measuring and mixing, baking makes a great distraction anytime. Best of all, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor afterward too. Drop some off for a friend if you can’t eat it all yourself.


Give Bouquets to Your Loved Ones

Why not use this holiday to make all your special people feel loved? Buy a bunch of supermarket blooms and mix and match them to create unique bouquets for your parents, BFFs or siblings. Check out our guide to flower meanings before you head to the store, and include a note to let your recipients know why you chose certain blossoms specifically for them.


Sweat it Out with a Workout

Treating Valentine’s Day like a normal, boring day can help keep sadness at bay. Go about your usual, healthy routine and ignore the voice that may be telling you to indulge or skip your workout, says Taitz. Turn on a workout video and get your sweat sesh in. Those happy endorphins will make you feel better.


Do a Puzzle

There are few things as satisfying as slotting the last piece of a puzzle into place. Pick up a pretty puzzle and spend Valentine’s Day putting it together. The sense of accomplishment is so worth it.


Celebrate Friendship

If you didn’t have a chance to celebrate Galentine’s Day (thank you Leslie Knope!) on February 13th, then round up your friends for a Zoom happy hour, relaxed dinner, movie night or all of the above on Valentine’s Day. Surrounding yourself with loved ones, even from afar, will remind you how loved you are.


Read a Good Book

Let yourself get carried away on the wings of a great story. Give in to your emotions by devouring a romance novel or go the totally opposite direction with a mystery or thriller. You’ll hardly notice the time flying by.

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Pitch in for that cousin who just had a new baby or the coworker feeling overwhelmed with three kids at home, or a neighbor who could desperately use a night off. Spending an evening doing fun activities with some pint-size cuties will keep your mind off the day, and the parents will majorly appreciate it.


Practice Meditation

If you find yourself feeling verklempt about past Valentine’s Day dates or former relationships, stream a meditation class or download a meditation app to center your mind. “Meditation can get your mind in the here and now,” says Taitz. Even if you’re not prone to spiraling down memory lane, meditation has numerous health benefits and can help you find calm in the storm any time.

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Hold a Dance Party for One

Did somebody say dance party? Turn up the tunes and get down with your bad self. Solo dance parties mean nobody can see your moves, so you can really let loose. Even if you have two left feet, dancing will get your blood pumping and put a smile on your face.


Tidy Up Your Space

My mom always used to say, “A clean house is a happy house.” Turn on some music, a podcast, or an audiobook and get a head start on spring cleaning or just tackle that pile of dishes that you’ve let get away from you.


Discover a New Podcast

Whether you’re looking to learn, laugh or peek into the minds of famous serial killers, there’s a perfect podcast out there for everyone. If V-Day has you down on modern love, Nicole Byer’s Why Won’t You Date Me? will remind you that you’re not alone with lots of chuckles along the way.

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Embrace Laziness

If you find yourself collapsing under the pressure to do something exciting on Valentine’s Day, consider this your permission to forget the whole thing. Instead, put on your comfiest PJs, order some takeout (and tip your delivery person well!), cue up some trashy TV and relish the luxury of laziness.


Do a Craft

Create something with your own hands, for a sense of accomplishment and a beautiful product at the end. Even if you don’t have much natural ability, look up Zoom art classes, YouTube tutorials or even crafting kits to help even the most artistically challenged get into the crafting spirit.


Cast a Spell for Self-care

Don’t worry, no previous experience needed. Jaya Saxena and Jess Zimmerman, authors of magical lifestyle guide Basic Witches, offer this easy spell: Close your eyes and envision the version of yourself that feels most handsome, beautiful, vibrant — however you like to feel. Picture this self placing your hands together and a glow emanating from between them. Then, in your vision, open your hands and see that the glow surrounds a simple combination of circles and lines. This symbol represents your ideal self. Open your eyes, and draw the symbol you envisioned on a sticker. Affix the sticker to a bottle of moisturizer, sunscreen or other product, imagining the glow you envisioned permeating its contents. Your product is now charged with the essence of whatever makes you feel strong and attractive. (You think a bubble bath can do that?)

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