7 Best Plants For Frogs: Attract More Froggies To Your Pad!

There can be few sights more comforting for gardeners than spotting frogs in the garden. Growing plants for frogs will enhance your growing pleasures in multiple ways. Not only will you be increasing your backyard’s local wildlife count, with all of the sounds and sights this inspires. You will also be helping to manage numbers of insects such as beetles, mosquitoes, slugs, snails and flies, which frogs love to eat. By attracting frogs to the garden, you are effectively helping to improve biodiversity levels. Put simply, the presence of frogs and toads is a sign that things are working as they should in the natural order of your plot. 

The plants you choose to help with building a frog habitat and small frog pond ideas will need to cover off a few key functions – providing shelter, a variety of areas to rest, breed and nest, and a source of food via insect-attracting blooms. It’s also important to go native wherever possible. Here are seven plants to cover off all the bases for happier frogs and toads – and a healthier, balanced backyard environment into the bargain.   

7 Best Plants For Frogs And Toads

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