7+1 Idyllic spots across Tuscany for the most romantic sunset views

7+1 Idyllic spots across Tuscany for the most romantic sunset views

With rolling hills, verdant valleys, picturesque terracotta towns, charming villages, graceful cypress forests spanning across the countryside, all sorts of cultural delights, and imposing medieval cities with jagged skylines and Renaissance architecture, Tuscany has, indeed, so much to offer to pamper your soul with. Also rich in history, this lovely Italian region is home to breathtaking views and landscapes that can make one’s heart stop from its awe-inspiring beauty. 

Now, if you are looking for picture-perfect and utterly romantic locations to admire the golden sun slipping behind the horizon, then this guide is for you. Remember that each sunset experience is entirely different, depending on where you have chosen to treat your eyes with this wonderful sight.   

1. Piazzale Michelangelo (Florence)

If you are ready to make the steep walk to reach Piazzale Michelangelo, you won’t regret it. It is one of the most popular picks in Florence to catch the last rays of the sun and be overwhelmed by the magical spectacles that take place right in front of your eyes. Take a moment and notice how the  city skyline becomes home to enchanting amber hues that paint the church spires and the rooftops of the buildings. Majestic, right? 

Tip: When visiting any Florence sight, please ensure you arrive early as Florence is quite crowded almost year-round. So, getting to Piazzale Michelangelo a couple of hours before sunset is the perfect timing.

2. Ponte Vecchio (Florence)

Admittedly, the most ideal place to see the sun going down is the impressive arch bridge that crosses the Arno River.  That is, if you are ready to struggle for a sunset-viewing spot with hundreds of other tourists. This Florence icon, though, WILL offer you views unlike any other. Its riverside location that links the Pitti and Uffizi Palace transforms with the passing of the day. The sun slowly disappears behind the horizon, shimmering against the water, creating a jaw-dropping contrast between the shadow of the bridge and the fiery sky. Just like a Canaletto masterpiece! 

Tip: A walk on this unique bridge is an endeavor worth living, as it is lined with shops, some dating back to the 13th century! 

3. San Domenico Church (Siena)

Featuring fabulous architecture and mild temperatures, the World UNESCO Heritage Site of Siena offers the perfect environment to watch romantic sunsets. To get (probably) the most scenic views, do head over to the San Domenico Church. Even if the vistas don’t please you (though the chances of that are extremely slim), the Basilica itself is a marvel on its own, with the black and white Duomo and the intricate designs.

Another Siena location worth your visit for this specific purpose (marvelous sunset views) are Piazza del Campo.

4. Sant’Angelo (Colle)

The scenic village of Colle in central Italy is a wonderful place of not more than 250 residents that will make you feel as if time has stopped or slowed down. Tucked on a hilltop position, it provides amazing views of the vineyards and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Choose your spot (depending on what sights you wish to see) and let a sense of peacefulness, tranquility, and serenity wash over you. Come just a bit before sunset, and be rewarded with incredible panoramas of the descending sun as it kisses the land goodbye with shades of orange, red, and yellow. 

5. Gorfigliano (Lucca)

If you get here, expect a different spectacle from the one you got from the cities and villages. The sunset from the small town of Gorfigliano gives you the chance to lay eyes on lush greenery circling the shimmering deep-blue lake. You can only imagine what the sinking sun can do to this soul-pleasing “feast”! You can come early in the morning here, take a leisure stroll in the hamlet, and then close the day with some of the most fantastic sunset views ever seen by human eyes. 

6. Towers of San Gimignano

An iconic landmark in the Sam Gimignano region is the towers. Back in the day, there used to be over 70 towers, each demonstrating power and wealth (according to legend, families in the 14th century competed against each other by building higher towers than others). Although just a handful of them still remain (no more than 15), San Gimignano’s towers are a superb spot for photography lovers and sunset seekers. Feel free to admire the Tuscany landscape and take some great pictures of the medieval streets and the inside of the city walls. They, too, offer excellent spectacles. 

7. Val d’Orcia

If you have seen the movie “Gladiator”, you must have dreamed of visiting the idyllic landscape featuring endless grassy, flourishing lands and cultivated hills that Maximus (Russell Crowe) called home. Well, you guessed it, that place in the movie was Val d’Orcia! Magical and mysterious in itself, it enchants with the brilliant sunset views from spring to fall. Some of the best spots to watch the sunset are the Vitaleta Chapel (up on a remote hill) and the cypress trees field adjacent to SR2 road. 

It is funny how, sometimes, we chase things like the best sunset views in Tuscany when we have all we need right on our feet. So, if you have rented one of the exquisite Tuscany mansions or farmhouses tucked in pristine locations, such as hilltops, then you will probably not have to make a single step outside it to lay eyes on breath-taking sunset panoramas. The best thing about this experience? You have all the comforts you need, you are away from crowded places, and you get to enjoy the peace and serenity offered at your place while spoiling yourself with a glass of the most world-famous wines in the world, made from Tuscany vines! 

Tuscany is a dreamy, fairytale-like land. So can be your next vacation or weekend getaways. Contact us to make this happen for you. We will be happy to serve you with the most exclusive accommodation in Tuscany best suited to your particular needs and requirements. 

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