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(Pocket-lint) – Your phone may be key to navigating, taking calls and controlling music in the car, but you’ll have to ensure it’s secured with a dedicated mount to stay safe on the road. 

Luckily, keeping things hands-free has never been simpler, with a bevy of options now available to pick from – whether you want to fix your phone onto an air vent, the dashboard or even the windscreen. 

So, if you’re looking to bring your iPhone or Android device into safe viewing, explore the picks below and find the right fit for both your car and your budget.

The best car phone mounts you can buy right now


Vicseed car phone mount


For those not really sure whether they want to mount their phone on the dashboard, windscreen or air vent, Vicseed’s cradle offers the choice of all three options.

This not only makes it compatible in one form or another with the car, but the adjustable arms also mean it’s able to secure any size of smartphone in place. 

To help find the best position in your car, the ball joint means users are able to spin it 360 degrees, too.

It’s slightly pricier than other car phone mounts you’ll find, but, given the level of versatility, it’s easily one of the top options available. 


Yosh car phone mount


Perhaps the simplest way to fix your phone at a safe level is with Yosh’s magnetic car phone holder.

With four N50 magnets, it’s able to snag any 4.7-inch – 6.5-inch phone into place while remaining fixed onto the air vent through the rubber clip design at the back.

Yosh’s magnet is just 40mm, so it’s essentially like your phone is floating on the air vent, and, because there’s no arms holding it in place, it’s easy to spin 360 degrees or take off. 


Aukey car phone mount


For most cars, Aukey’s air vent mount is the perfect solution to holding your phone at a safe eye level – and for a very reasonable price, too.

Compatible with pretty much every iPhone and Android imaginable, thanks to the adjustable grips, the cradle is also designed to latch onto both thick and thin vents. 

For those who like to twist the phone, it can be adjusted 360 degrees, while a gap remains for charging cables. 

Plus, once you’re done with your drive, the instant release button can be pushed for you to retrieve your phone.


Beikell adjustable car phone holder


If the best spot to fix your phone in place is the dashboard, Beikell’s suction cup design may be for you.

Designed to rest on reasonably flat surfaces, the sticky gel pad fits underneath the holder and keeps things sturdy, with users then able to fiddle around with the arm and move up or down to fit their desired level.

As with the most other holders, it can also be rotated 360 degrees. And once the driving is done, simply push the lock/release button to eject the phone. 


iOttie car windshield mount


If you’re looking to mount onto your dashboard or windscreen, iOttie’s adhesive cradle is definitely one to consider.

Like the rest of the field, you’re able to pivot the cradle (in this case, 225 degrees) to get the best view of your screen, while the arms and bottom can be adjusted to fit the size of pretty much any phone. 

It’s important to keep in mind that any suction mount is semi-permanent, and naturally may also succumb to heat over time, but it’s a clean solution that keeps your air vents free from clutter.


Mpow car phone holder


If air vent holders aren’t for your car, Mpow’s dashboard and windshield mount is another potential consideration. 

Users are still able to rotate 360 degrees, though the phone is kept in place with the more traditional gripper design on the sides and bottom. This is adjustable and able to stretch to fit pretty much any phone size, too.

The long neck of the holder is also flexible, affording the user the ability to find the right angle, and kept in place by the suction cup and dashboard base.


Aukey 360 degree dashboard mount


While most car phone holders seek to wrap their arms around your phone to lock it in place, this Aukey mount instead uses a magnetic puck to do so. 

The unique design requires you to stick the adhesive base in place on the dashboard or windscreen, with the 360-degree, adjustable arm able to latch onto your phone once the circular (for smaller phones) or square (for larger phones) has been stuck to the back or slipped underneath the case.

It’s one of those phone holders that just works – and for a mid-level price, it’s a top solution to keep your phone secure and at your natural eye level.


Arteck car mount


Much like Beikell’s cradle, Arteck’s is also designed to live best on the dashboard or windscreen, mounting through a sticky gel pad.

The rubber pad is fitted to the durable plastic neck and arm grippers, giving users the ability to spin their phone the full 360 degrees. Arteck, like most, also indicates their mount is able to cater for almost every smartphone size. 

With easy installation, a competitive price and reliable use, it’s tough to go wrong with this one. 

Writing by Conor Allison.


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