Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 d 4Matic Coupe Review


The Mercedes-Benz GLC range is currently one of the most important offerings from the German luxury carmaker in India. Earlier, if you needed anything more stylish and sportier than the regular GLC SUV, then you had to break the bank to get the performance-spec AMG 43 GLC Coupe. But, the Stuttgart-based carmaker has finally listened to its customers, and earlier this year, we saw the entry of the company’s first-ever non-AMG coupe SUV with the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe. And it’s the facelifted version of the SUV. So, does the GLC Coupe offer any value, or is it just the regular GLC SUV with a sloping roof? We got to spend some quality time with the car to find exactly that.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe is the only non-AMG Coupe SUV in the company’s India line-up and it’s assembled at the company Chakan plant

Design and Styling

Now, it was BMW that started the trend for Coupe SUV segment with the X6. While that design is still a topic of debate for many, one has to agree that coupe SUVs have become a “popular thing” now. And while I do prefer the regular GLC SUV’s design, I can’t help but agree that the GLC Coupe does look sportier. Upfront the twin slat grille of the GLC has been replaced by much more stylish single slate unit with diamond-stud pattern, featuring the 3-point star logo at the centre. The headlamps too have been revised and the ones on offer here are multi-beam LED units, and they also come with LED daytime running lamps. The bumper too looks more aggressive with the large intakes and sculpted line, while the large chrome insert adds a premium touch to the design.

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The Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe comes with a diamond-stud pattern grille with multi-beam LED headlamps


It’s from the profile that you truly star differentiating it from the regular GLC, courtesy of the signature coupe-style sloping roofline that beautifully merges with the boot-lid. The squared wheel arches come with protective cladding, which along with the side footboard give the coupe SUV its rugged looks. And what those wheel arches house is a set of 19-inch dual-tone 6-spoke alloy wheels, which, if you ask me, look really nice. At the rear, the sharp fold of the boot lid acts as a spoiler, while the wraparound taillamps come with intricate LED patters. Yet again, it’s the bumper at the rear that adds a bit of aggressive styling to the mix with the heavy black cladding, a rear diffuser, chrome inserts, and dual exhaust pipes.

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The Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe gets a set of 19-inch dual-tone alloy wheels as standard, along with wraparound LED taillamps and a dual exhaust system

Engine Performance & Dynamics

Now, the model we had with us was the Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 d 4MATIC Coupe, which is powered by the same 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine that does duty on the regular GLC SUV. However, to match the sporty nature of this Coupe version, Mercedes has bumped the power output here to 241 bhp, which is 50 bhp more than the one in the regular SUV. Peak power is now achieved at around 4200 rpm, instead of 3800 rpm. Mercedes has also bumped the torque output by 100 Nm, so the engine now develops 500 Nm, which kicks in as early as 1600 rpm and is sustained up till 2,400 rpm. But there is a bit of turbo lag in the lower revs, but once you touch the 2000 rpm mark the engine opens up and you achieve triple-digit speeds in no time. Of course, there is a petrol version as well on offer and that too comes with a 2-litre engine which makes 255 bhp and 370-newton metre of peak torque.


The model we drove was the GLC 300d 4Matic Coupe, which is powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine, offering 241 bhp and 500 Nm of torque

Bringing all this together is the tried and tested 9G-tronic automatic transmission, which is quite responsive. However, if you want a bit more control than you can shift to manual mode using the paddle shifters attached to the back of the steering wheel. The GLC Coupe also comes with multiple driving modes like – Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus, and an Individual mode which can you customised as per your preference. In Eco and Comfort mode the power delivery is linear, and the shifts are properly spaced out for efficiency and relaxed driving. However, if you want to push it a little bit then there is the Sport and Sport Plus mode where the shifts become more and more aggressive and they are more suited for some dynamic driving. Having said that, even as you move between different modes, you do not really notice any change is how the suspension reacts and the dampening, more or less, remains similar.


The GLC Coupe also comes with multiple driving modes like – Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus, and an Individual

Ride and Handling

The GLC 300 d 4MATIC Coupe comes with a gross weight of 2,530 kg, and you certainly feel that bulk in lower speeds. However, once you start doing higher speeds the weight suddenly disappears, and even manoeuvring through traffic becomes a cakewalk. The leather-wrapped steering wheel offers good grip and it also has a nice heft to it, aiding in precise handling. The suspension, on the other hand, is quite balanced and it can handle all the undulations on the road without causing any kind to discomfort to the car’s occupants. the NVH levels too are in check, and you don’t really feel like you are driving a diesel SUV.


The GLC Coupe offers great handling, while the suspension is quite balanced and handles all the undulations on the road with ease

Interior and Technology

Step inside and you’d be welcomed by the same cabin as the GLC SUV, however, here the interior comes in an all-black theme, unlike the dual beige and black treatment of the former. And frankly, the black treatment goes well with the coupe SUV’s sporty character. Other similar elements include the 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, the silver air-con vents, and the flowing centre console that comes with a dark wood trim design pattern, along with a wireless charger, and a large glove box. It also features the very familiar trackpad on the centre console, which has nice haptic feedback. The SUV also comes with 5 USB charging ports, 3 up front and 2 at the back, but all are Type-C ports, but currently not all phones get a Type-C to Type-C cable so that could be a bit of inconvenience. At the rear, you have a 12-volt port below the AC vents.


The Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe gets an all-black cabin with a new full-digital instrument cluster

Among the new features, the 2020 GLC Coupe now comes with a fully digital instrument cluster that can be controlled via one of the touch-sensitive controls on leather-wrapped steering wheel, which also has cruise control buttons. The instrument cluster itself offers you a tonne of information like speedometer, odometer, maps, tyre pressure, distance to empty and more. You can also select between three different interfaces. At the rear, you get 3-point seatbelts and adjustable headrest for all three passengers, but we feel it’s more suited for just two passengers and a maybe a child. However, you do get a foldable central armrest with retractable cup holders, and roller sunblinds for the rear windows that make the ride that much more convenient. Additionally, you also get an electric sunroof and ambient lights.


The GLC Coupe’s cabin also comes with wireless charging, USB Type C ports, the signature trackpad, rear AC vents and a central armrest

The GLC also comes with Mercedes-Benz’s latest, AI-enabled, MBUX infotainment system that functions as your personal assistant. The system can be controlled via the touchscreen display, the trackpad, or using the touch-sensitive controls on the steering wheel. That’s not enough? Mercedes also allows you to control the system using the Me Mercedes mobile application or by using voice command with the wake-up command – “Hey, Mercedes”. So you can simply ask your car to change the AC temperature, or adjust the audio volume and ambient lighting, and even ask weather status among other such functions.


The new GLC Coupe also comes with the new 10.25 inch touchscreen display with MBUX infotainment system and Me Mercedes connectivity feature

Safety Features

As part of safety tech, the GLC Coupe comes with Mercedes-Benz’s PRE-SAFE system which includes a bunch of sensors that perform functions like closing the side windows or panoramic roof automatically when detecting a collision, or the seat belts can be electrically pretensioned in hazardous situations, and other such features that keep the occupants safe. Additionally, the SUV also comes with 7 airbags, Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC and tyre pressure monitoring system. The coupe SUV also features rain-sensing wipers, ISOFIX child seat mounts, rear parking camera with a 360-degree view, and hotkeys for SOS and emergency call system.

Price & Verdict


The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe is offered in both petrol and diesel versions, which are priced at ₹ 62.70 lakh and ₹ 63.70 lakh (ex-showroom India), respectively. This makes it up to ₹ 9.50 lakh more expensive than the regular GLC SUV, at the same time ₹ 13 lakh cheaper than the performance spec AMG GLC 43 Coupe. As for competition, its closest rival is the BMW X4, which does come with a more powerful diesel engine, but it is over ₹ 4 lakh more expensive than the GLC Coupe. So, in a nutshell, the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe is an option worth considering for anyone who wants something sportier and more powerful than a GLC SUV, yet something that not an outright performance SUV like the AMG 43. Basically, a perfect middle ground.

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