NASA satellite spots ‘something rising’ above ice in Antarctica, leaves scientists baffled


ANTARCTICA: US Space Agency NASA had recently come across a strange ‘rising’ landmass in the frozen expanse of Antarctica via satellite observation. The discovery has left scientists perplexed and led to an investigation into the seven-mile-long jagged structure, as reported by the Daily Express. Some speculated the shape could’ve been formed due to the crash landing of an object which then slid across the ice. However, scientists have not validated this claim yet.


Aviation journalist suggested the structure could be a result of a crash-landing 


Aviation journalist, Joe Pappalardo, told Daily Express, “It looks like something landed there extremely quickly and skated to a halt”, when talking about the image of the discovery. He also remarked how the possibility of a crash landing in Antartica is reminiscent of the worst air disaster in New Zealand’s history. The journalist was referring to the tragic Mount Erebus incident which occurred on November 28, 1979 when Air New Zealand Flight 901 crashed into the mountain. All 237 passengers and 20 crew members died in the crash.

However, analyst, Marc D’Antonio disputed the crash-landing theory as the image didn’t resemble the aftermath of a plane crash, according to him. Rather, he said, “It looks like someone was scraping along the ice to make the gigantic furrow. But if we look at this object over here, this little rock shows the shadow – it is an elevated feature.”


NASA scientist identifies the structure as a rare glacier


The mystery was finally solved when NASA scientist, Dr. Kelly Brunt visited the site of the jagged ice structure on the frozen seas of McMurdo Sound and explained it as ‘a rare type of glacier feature created by millions of tonnes of ice flowing from the base of Mount Erebus into the frozen seas.’


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