Oppo’s fast-charging tech will soon be in Anker products and VW


(Pocket-lint) – Oppo has announced that it will be expanding its VOOC flash-charging technology beyond its own brand products and will soon roll out expansion to other brands. 

That doesn’t mean you’re going to suddenly see the likes of Samsung or Apple taking on the technology, but it will mean that more places you plug your phone in will take advantage of your Oppo phone’s super fast refill times. 

Among the partners announced during the press event were Anker and FAW-Volkswagen. 

That means Anker will be launching VOOC and Oppo Flash Charge-compatible products like battery packs and power adapters in the near future. 

The idea being that if you have one of these new Anker battery packs that you can get the same blistering fast charging speeds while you’re on the move as you do when you’re at home plugged into a VOOC charger. 

Similarly, Audi and VW cars made in China will have VOOC built in, enabling Oppo phone users to get fast-charging in their cars.  Oppo didn’t mention whether cars made in Europe or the US would also get the tech, but at the moment it doesn’t seem likely. 

Various other partnerships will see the tech built into industrial settings and hard-wired into buildings and work places too. 

Over the years, Oppo’s VOOC charging has been leading the way in terms of speed and efficiency.

The latest available version in its smartphones is 65W Super VOOC which can completely fill up a phone’s battery in just over half an hour. 

It has also announced a 125W Flash Charge adapter, but is yet to implement it in a commercially available smartphone. That charger could completely fill up an empty battery in just 20 minutes. 

Oppo’s tech utilises a number of protections to ensure your battery isn’t harmed when filling up quickly. 

Using a number of internal thermometres and a charger and cable system that dissipates heat, Oppo phones with the technology can fill up really quickly, even when they’re being used for gaming or video watching. 

For phones like the Find X2 Pro, it’ll be brilliant to have a battery pack to carry around with us that we know won’t struggle 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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