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(Pocket-lint) – Apple’s latest phones are making waves with their return to the old ways, with a beautiful flat design that’s reminiscent of the glory days of the iPhone 4 and 5. 

Flat, angular edges are the sort of thing that can make dropping your phone all the scarier thought – if you’re going to pick up Apple’s latest, there’s every chance you’ll want to pair it with a case.

You might opt for one that uses Apple’s new MagSafe update to secure itself with magnets, or perhaps you’re fine with a traditional fit. Either way, we’ve gathered some of the best options out there, right here. 

The best iPhone 12 cases available to buy today


Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe


As is often the case, the case that will suit most people the best for the iPhone 12 is Apple’s own soft case – although it’s far from the most affordable option.

It fits perfectly, and the soft silicone finish is great to grip. Plus, you’ve got MagSafe on board in case you decide to pick up a snap-on magnetic accessory later. 




For many people, the top priority is just getting a case that’s a thin as possible, to protect from superficial damage without covering up the phone too much or making it too thick.

Totallee has the best of the bunch in that section, with wafer-thin, tight-fitting cases that have really impressed us. We particularly like this clear version, which makes sure that your new phone looks as good as it should. 



For a step away from the mainstream, we’re really taken with this handsome cork case, designed and made in Sweden and sensibly sourced to make sure that you can feel good about how your phone case was made.

It gives your phone a nice rustic look, and is soft to the touch, while it also adds impressively little bulk and clips on and off more easily than almost any other case we’ve tried. It’s a great choice for something a little less corporate in nature. 


Apple Clear Case with MagSafe


If you’re taken with MagSafe, and want it in your case, but also want the colour of phone you chose to shine through, you might think about this clear case from Apple.

It’s much like those for previous versions of the iPhone, with an obvious exception – those MagSafe magnets give it a funky, patterned look on the back. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it’ll get the job done.



If you’re looking for something a bit more individual, and with a whole load more options in terms of design, though, you might want to head to Casely.

It’s got a massive range of gorgeous cases with some really unique options, including the really nice leafy option pictured here. Plus, they’re all reasonably priced, too. 


Spigen Mag Armor


It’s taken a little bit of time for third-party cases to catch up with Apple’s surprise reinvention of MagSafe, but Spigen’s got a really great case here..

It’s nice and matte black, with really solid drop protection and bumpers, but most importantly packs those magnetic coils to ensure that your MagSafe accessories and charger will work perfectly. 


Speck Presidio Grip 2


Speck’s line of cases for the iPhone 12 in all its models has some great options, including Presidio Grip cases in a range of colours and clear finishes.

These cases have really great drop protection with chunky bumpers and air pockets, as well as handy grip lines that make them really easy to hold onto. 


Spigen Thin Fit case


For the minimalist look, this super-thin and ultra-simple case from Spigen could be just right – it keeps your phone as sleek as the day you bought it.

That means it’s not necessarily the most protective, but it looks absolutely fabulous on your phone, and will still do a good job stopping it getting scratched. 


Tech21 Evo Check


A really nice, simple case that’ll protect your phone handily but doesn’t bother with the complexity of MagSafe, the Evo Check case from Tech21 is a great plastic shell case.

You can get it in a few translucent colours, and the subtle patterning makes it looks surprisingly elegant. 


Otterbox Strada Via case


Otterbox has a deserved reputation for protecting phones to almost crazy extremes, making sure that it doesn’t matter whether you’re clumsy or not. 

This case is a folio-style wallet that you open up to use your phone, and other finishes let you give it a leather feel, but the most affordable option is this soft-touch plastic. It’s a solid case that’s impressively protective. 


Moshi Vitros


For something a little simpler, Moshi has come up with this handy shell case that’s extremely sleek and barely adds to the bulk of your phone at all, even while protecting it nicely. 

It’s simple and elegant, and if you want your phone’s design to shine through it could be perfect for you.


Cyrill Cecile case


If you want a case that has a splash of color and a really nice, somewhat unique illustration on it, you could really enjoy this series from Cyrill.

There are a few to pick from, especially depending on which color of phone you opted for, but they all look really nice and protect your phone ably, too. 


Mous Limitless case


From a small name a few years ago to one of the big up-and-comers of recent times, Mous makes cases that can save your phone from jaw-dropping falls and slips. 

They’re also handily attractive, of the Limitless line we particularly like this fabric-finish option, which gives a nice texture to your phone. 


Incipio Grip case


Another clean and simple case is offered up by Incipio, with some smart features to make it great to use. There are little rubbery grip dimples along the sides of the case to make it great for holding even in a slippery grip. 

Plus, a few colours to choose from mean that you can express your style as you like. 

Pad and Quill

Pad and Quill Bella Fino case

If you want leather in your case, though, and don’t mind spending a bit more, Pad and Quill has long been making luxury cases for the best phones.

It’s been quick to do the same for the iPhone 12, and you can pick up a soft, gorgeous leather wallet for your phone in a range of finishes and with your choice of elastic strap. 


Greenwich Blake case


Another case that’s at the luxury end of the market, Greenwich’s Blake leather case gives you a plush and polished wallet case to wrap your iPhone 12 in. 

It’s solidly built from high-quality materials and does a great job of retaining the core of Apple’s design even while it covers the phone up. A built-in card holder makes it practical on a few levels, too. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Dan Grabham.


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