Rams have talked to multiple teams about trading Jared Goff


The Rams want an upgrade at quarterback. But first they need to get rid of the quarterback they have.

A trade that would ship Jared Goff off has been discussed between the Rams and multiple teams, according to Jordan Rodrigue of One of those teams may be the Lions, who reportedly had discussions with the Rams about a trade involving Matthew Stafford.

It has become obvious that the Rams simply no longer want to be on the hook for Goff’s contract, which carries more than $43 million in fully guaranteed payments in 2021 and 2022.

But why would any other team want Goff’s contract? His performance has been mediocre the last two seasons, and although he did help the Rams get to the Super Bowl after the 2018 season, it’s hard not to think a whole lot of quarterbacks could have played just as well as Goff did in Sean McVay’s offense.

The Rams are now paying for their decision to give Goff a huge contract extension in the offseason after they went to that Super Bowl. If they had just allowed him to play out his rookie contract, he’d now be heading into free agency, and the Rams could decide in the coming weeks whether to extend him, franchise him, or let him walk. But because they extended him after only three seasons, they’re stuck with his contract.

Unless they can find a trading partner. They’ll keep spreading the word that they’re in trade talks in the hope that some team bites.

Report: Rams have talked to multiple teams about trading Jared Goff originally appeared on Pro Football Talk


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