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Where can new founders and budding entrepreneurs turn for expert advice to navigate the formative phases of building a startup? Head to TechCrunch Early Stage — a two-day virtual bootcamp that gives early founders (pre-seed through Series A) access to the leading experts across a range of essential entrepreneurial skills.

We’re talking dozens of workshops addressing operations, fundraising, pitch deck pointers, term sheet tips, product-market fit, brand building, growth marketing, recruiting, taming your tech stack and a lot more.

That’s a lot of ground to cover, amirite? That’s exactly why we’re hosting two Early Stage events this year. Each one offers different content, a separate slate of speakers and unique perspectives. Both feature highly interactive Q&As with the experts. Get answers to all your burning questions!

Note: In a hurry? Scroll down to the bottom (or click here) to get the 411 on pass types, early-bird pricing and deadlines.

The first TC-ES, on April 1 & 2, covers topics ranging from fundraising and operations to product lifecycle and recruiting — for starters. The second, on July 8 & 9, spans marketplace positioning, growth marketing, content development and even more on fundraising.

Sure, you can go to a single Early Stage event, but savvy startuppers (that’s you, right?) will sign on for a double dose of knowledge and attend both. That’s not just marketing talk — the benefits are real.

Buy a dual-event pass (for a tidy discount, by the way), and you’ll not only learn more, but you’ll also have more time to absorb and implement critical advice that can lead to your success. Seriously, which topics and tips can you afford to miss? Don’t let the FOMO haunt you.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to connect and network with other early founders, later-stage founders and other smart members of the startup — oh, what’s the word? — community. Build your contacts, find indispensable support and mentorship. Remember, we all go further together.

We introduced TC Early Stage last year to rave reviews — like this one from Chloe Leaaetoa, founder of Socicraft:

You learn from industry leaders and seasoned founders — people who’ve already been there and done that. They were genuine and honest about industry expectations. Plus, they shared first-hand accounts, which made them more relatable.

And this one from Ashley Barrington, founder of MarketPearl:

I recommend going to Early Stage. The virtual aspect helps in terms of scheduling, it offers community-building through networking, and it gives early stage founders a framework for navigating the startup ecosystem. This is the stage where founders need more support, especially if they haven’t done this before.

Go all-in and attend TC Early Stage 2021 in April and again in July. Increase your knowledge, sharpen your skills, avoid pitfalls and expand your network. Those are mighty big benefits, and you deserve every one of them.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at Early Stage 2021 – Operations & Fundraising? Contact our sponsorship sales team by filling out this form.


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