Samsung wants thinner foldables with S Pen slots and no creases

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung has reportedly told its suppliers that it wants to be able to up its foldable game with some oft-requested improvements including S Pen slots.

With Samsung already being the main player in the foldable market in many territories, the company doesn’t seem set to rest on its laurels. A new report has Samsung already telling its suppliers that there are some key design challenges to deal with and they’re all things that potential buyers will be able to get behind.

At the top of the list seems to be a desire to reduce the size of the crease that is so prominent on some foldable phones, although they’ve gotten better in recent iterations. The crease isn’t going to go away, but it’s at least one thing Samsung has reportedly told its suppliers to be aware of.


Creases aren’t the only thing putting some people off going for a foldable phone, and Samsung says that it wants to be able to put an S Pen into a dedicated silo in the future. That was always a selling point of the Galaxy Note lineup, and now Samsung wants to bring it to the Galaxy Fold, too.

Other design improvements Samsung has its eye on include improved vibration motors, a thinner and lighter construction, and better cameras.

The Elec reports that Samsung had originally wanted to add an S-Pen to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 but ultimately scrapped the idea, while improved cameras were also part of the original plans. They too were canned following concerns about the device’s thickness and weight, but Samsung has reportedly told suppliers to find a way around those concerns in the future.

Writing by Oliver Haslam.

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