Six Fantastic State Parks to Visit in the USA — and Why


1. Cloudland Canyon State Park

Perched on the edge of Lookout Mountain, Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia is like a treasure trove for those who dig canyons without the West Coast crowd.

The sheer beauty here slaps hard across every season, with colors popping off like nature’s own fireworks show. And there are plenty of activities to do, including hiking, fishing, birdwatching, caving, and horseback riding.

2. Makoshika State Park

If you’re hunting for some killer landscapes with a side of ancient history, set your sights on Makoshika State Park. It’s one of the largest state parks in Montana and boasts wild badland formations that will make you think you have time-warped to another planet!

Dinosaurs used to roam here – and you can view various fossils scattered around the park. Plus, there are epic hiking trails and archery ranges if that’s your jam. A visit to Makoshika State Park is like stepping into a scene from Jurassic Park but without the whole getting-chased-by-raptors deal. 

3. Custer State Park

Custer State Park in South Dakota is the real deal if you’re into wildlife and jaw-dropping scenery.

Sprawled over 71,000 acres, this park’s like a VIP pass to some of America’s most rugged landscapes. It’s famed for the Wildlife Loop Road where bison herds are basically the local traffic jams. With granite peaks like the Needles poking the sky and clear lakes perfect for cooling off, it’s outdoorsy heaven.

Whether you hike, go horseback riding, or take a scenic drive around the park, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Antelope Island State Park

Hit up Antelope Island State Park in Utah for a slice of the Great Salt Lake’s magic. It’s a unique spot where you can find yourself basically chilling on an island in the middle of a salty sea—totally quirky, right?

The park is known for its roaming bison herds (yes, more bison action!), pronghorn antelope, and millions — no kidding — of migratory birds. Plus, those sunset views over the lake are nothing short of epic. 

5. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in California is a stunning slice of coastal paradise that’s straight-up postcard material. Tucked away along the iconic Highway 1, this gem is like stepping into an oceanfront fairy tale.

The superstar here is McWay Falls – an 80-foot waterfall that cascades right onto the beach and into the Pacific Ocean. The park is also home to towering redwoods and trails with cliff-top vistas that will make your Instagram cry with joy.

This state park is on the smaller side but packs a major punch for its size. It’s perfect for anyone who is all about those pristine oceanside vibes without needing to trek miles for it.

6. Iao Valley State Park

Lastly, say aloha to the lush and mystical Iao Valley State Park on Maui, Hawaii – it’s like something out of a dream where Mother Nature cranked up the dial on green tropical goodness.

The park is home to the iconic Iao Needle, a 1,200-foot tall rock spire that’s shrouded in emerald foliage and local legends.

This place oozes tranquility with its serene streams and view-loaded walking paths — basically nature’s own zen garden. Rich with history as a battleground where King Kamehameha conquered Maui, it offers both cultural significance and otherworldly scenery.


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