The best mobile phone deals in February 2021

(Pocket-lint) – Searching the web for the best mobile deal on one of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 phones? What about one of the Apple iPhone 12 mobiles? How about a Google Pixel 5 / 4a, or a OnePlus 8/T? Then we have you covered for those, and many more handsets.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for below, then we’ve even included a comparison tool for you to select the phone deal that’s ideal for you.

Not sure what phone will suit you? Our handy guide to the best smartphones breaks down popular phones, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and with great offers and more new phones on the horizon.

Below are some quick links to easily navigate straight to the make of phone you are searching for, making it quicker to find what you really need.

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Best Apple iPhone best deals


The smallest of the iPhone 12 range, but the mini is a fantastic little device that shouldn’t be underestimated. Its lightweight and compact design, stunning display, great cameras, and smooth performance are all big plusses.


Such a large phone that it won’t be to everyone’s liking, but if you want big then this iPhone delivers without making the form-factor awkward to hold or use.


For that group of people who want a new iPhone, but just can’t justify the price of the iPhone 12 Pro range, this is a great choice without having to feel like you are settling for second best.


The iPhone 12 Pro does all it can to warrant that Pro label. The screen is stunning, the camera capability professional, and when you can use it, the download speeds with 5G are fast.


The iPhone SE (2020) is all about big power at a smaller price. It’s quite remarkable what this little iPhone delivers. For an affordable iPhone, the new SE delivers the kind of power that will keep you content, without the need to upgrade in the immediate future. Overall the new iPhone SE is, in every respect, on the money.

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Best Samsung deals


There’s a lift in design for the Galaxy S21, resulting in a phone that looks fresh and exciting, and a great display, offering adaptive refresh rates. While there’s plenty of power – and a flagship performance – the camera doesn’t reach the highs that you get from the Galaxy S21 Ultra, leaving this feeling like the lesser device.



The clear flagship in the S21 family – and a better performer than the smaller S21 and S21+ models, thanks to its better cameras – the Ultra is the pick for those who want all the best that Samsung offers. Its great display, stacks of power and performance, is only tempered slightly by battery life that’s quick to drain when put under pressure.


Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 FE, or Fan Edition, is a lighter take on the Galaxy S20 family. It offers many of the important specs, but making a few cuts so it’s a little more affordable. What you’re looking at is a device that appears to retain the flagship essentials, while making a few calculated moves to reduce the price.  


After nearly 10 years at the cutting edge, the Samsung Galaxy Note series is still on top of its game. Yes, it’s easy to see the Note 20 Ultra as “just another Galaxy Note” – but that’s because it’s got so much right before and continues to do so now.


If you’re looking for a phone with an integrated stylus then there’s little better than the note-taking potential of this phone. Sure, its ‘glasstic’ rear and lack of higher refresh-rate screen are little red marks against its specification, but you can buy the step-up Ultra model if you see that as a problem – although we prefer the smaller price and smaller camera lump of this ‘entry’ Note model.

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Best Huawei deals


The New Edition may offer more than the original base-spec handset, but it costs less than the original P30 Pro did at launch. This is with 8GB of RAM, instead of 6GB and 256GB of storage (the original has 128GB). The P30 Pro New Edition does bring things up to date in cosmetic form though – The Silver Frost finish – and it’s the same as you’ll find on the P40 Pro.


A true flagship in so many areas, except one: the lack of Google Services hampers the downloading, sign-in and operation of certain apps. That’s a hindrance for many western users, although using Phone Clone you can use the P40 largely unimpinged. It’s a shame to see the camera king struck down by the Google sting – but that’s how things are right now. 


The Huawei P40 – on first impressions – seems like a perfectly good piece of hardware. The camera system looks really promising, and the general performance should be really good, but it is placed in an awkward position by a number of factors. If Google and Huawei were suddenly allowed to work with each other again, and we could have Play Services installed on the P40 officially, it would be a phone worth considering.


If you’re looking for a two-handed mega-sized phone then the Mate 20 X is a genuinely fantastic media powerhouse. It has a great (and, yes, massive) screen, further enhanced by great audio, and the battery just goes on and on whatever you throw at it.

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Best Google Pixel deals


This phone makes the most sense in Google’s 2020 Pixel series line-up. It’s cheaper than the Pixel 5, has a larger display, and the same great camera, making it a win in our books.


Google’s 2020 flagship is something of an oddball. Sure, it’s a very competent phone with the power, camera, performance and build quality. But there are downsides – such as the poor ear speaker, and the larger and cheaper Pixel 4a 5G being much the same – that detract from the overall package.


As a mid-range phone we can hardly fault what the Pixel 4a offers. It’s very capable and delivers a great camera experience. Some people might find it a little too small, but for those looking for a compact phone we can’t really see why you’d need to look any further.

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Best OnePlus deals


What OnePlus has quite expertly done is make a phone that doesn’t leave you pining for a greater experience – and you might even be grateful you saved the price difference by opting not to go for an 8 series. Because who really needs a pricey flagship anyway?


This OnePlus flagship has more in common with the OnePlus Nord than it does the OnePlus 8 series with which it shares its name, with a flat screen, rectangular camera protrusion, and glossy green glass rear. OnePlus has delivered yet another stunning example of fluidity and performance, in a package that’s reasonably priced.


Undoubtedly the company’s most complete smartphone to date. It has a big, brilliant display, long lasting and fast-charging battery, plus software that’s fluid and lightweight. All in a phone that’s fast, and actually has a good main camera on the back.

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Compare the best mobile phone deals

Using the phone deal chart below you can use the drop-down menus and sliders to find the perfect contract plan for you. Whether you want more data or unlimited minutes, our price comparison table updates in real time offering you the best deals.

Price is obviously a key factor and whilst you can lower the monthly cost of the contract by paying a higher upfront cost, most will prefer to spread the cost over the course of the contract period.

Mobile phone users are increasingly finding it difficult to stick to contracts offering less data as more and more content is demanding bandwidth with video content being consumed more daily. 

“Search by Handset” will allow you to choose the phone you want the best deals for. 


The best upgrade deals

If you can upgrade today, Carphone Warehouse has specific upgrade-only deals that aren’t available to new customers, or check out the network links below.

The best deals anywhere

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