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The Part Of Our Addition That Makes Me The Most Nervous

We’re almost four months into 2024, and we’re still no closer to starting our addition than we were in December. Part of me is frustrated by that and feels like I need to light a fire under the architect and get him focused on our project. But part of me continues to be relieved that I don’t yet have to focus on that huge project that will interrupt our peaceful, quiet lives for months on end.

And most of all, I’m glad that I can continue to put the sunroom out of my mind for a bit longer. But unfortunately, I have a feeling that I’ll need to address the sunroom just as soon as I’m finished with my studio.

The sunroom is what we call the room that sits just beyond the pretty back sliding doors in the music room.

The view beyond those doors will eventually be beautiful — an inviting family room, a wall of French doors and windows that fills the room with natural light, and a view out to our huge back yard. I’m very excited for that.

But for now, what lurks beyond those music room doors is the one room in our house that remains accessible and in constant use, and yet, has not been touched since the way we moved in. It still has the same old carpet, the same mismatched walls of fake stone and brick, the same drop ceiling, the same gross window unit air conditioner that is inset into the wall, and the same leaky windows and sliding glass doors.

You’d think I’d be anxious to get rid of it. And while I am anxious for it to be replaced with the new addition, complete with a huge master bedroom closet where I can actually store my clothes, and a large laundry/utility room where my washer, dryer, and so much more will live. Here’s a reminder of the last design I landed on.

So while I’m very excited about the upgrade, it’s the interim that I’m concerned about. This room may look like something out of a horror movie, and yet, it’s room that’s filled with things that I use many times a week. After all of these years, I can’t say that I’ve become used to how the room looks, but I’ve learned to ignore it for the most part so that I can get in there and get stuff done when I need to.

This room is where out hot water heater is, as well as our washer and dryer.

And this is the type of stuff that concerns me. What, exactly, am I supposed to do with my washer and dryer? Every time I talk about our addition, I have someone ask me, “What are you going to do with your washer and dryer?” Until now, my answer has been, “I’ll let Future Kristi deal with that.” Well, Now Kristi and Future Kristi are about to meet, so some decisions have to be made.

Honestly, I have no idea where else I could put the washer and dryer while the addition is being built. I can’t think of a place where they could be somewhat out of the way, while also having access to plumbing. Plus, the dryer has to have a special outlet. So as far as I can see, my only option is to store the washer and dryer and go to a laundromat (or my mom’s house) to do laundry. Ugh.

I mean, I guess I’ll have to do what I have to do, and if that means going to a laundromat, that’s fine. But what about our hot water heater? Where the heck will that go? Living without a washer and dryer for a while will be a stretch, but living without a hot water heater sounds crazy. 😀

I know we can get a PODS container to put stuff in that we won’t need regularly. Obviously, I won’t need constant access to dining chairs or a drywall lift. 😀 Actually, I don’t foresee myself every needing a drywall lift again, so I can probably get rid of that and a few other things in here. But the baskets filled with clean, folded clothes and blankets? I already don’t have closet space for those, which is why I constantly have baskets filled with those things in here. But if they can’t stay in here, I have no idea where else I can put them.

But then there’s this side of the room that really stresses me out. This is where all of my tools and supplies land, and because I’ve never had any useful organization beyond a big tool chest and some shelves for paint cans and such, Smaller items wind up in boxes and baskets, and then eventually strewn all over as I’m frantically searching for items in the random boxes and baskets. (And how do you like those curtains? 😀 )

Obviously, a lot of that can be organized in boxes and stored. Some of it can be given away. But the fact remains that half of this huge room is where my tools and supplies are stored, and a lot of those are things that I’ll need to be able to access regularly. I have no idea where I’m going to put these things.

So this is what’s currently occupying my mind, and what’s keeping me kind of stressed out. And it’s also what’s making me not so anxious to light a fire under our architect to get our plans finished. As long as he’s dragging out his part of the process, I can blame the delay on him. 😀 But as soon as we get the plans from him, it’ll be on me to move the process forward, which means that I’ll actually have to deal with these issues that seem insurmountable in my mind right now. So as long as we can stay in the planning stage, I feel safe and comfortable, and I can trick myself into believing that we’re moving forward.

I know that once our addition is finished, I’m going to be so glad that it’s done, and so thrilled with all of the new storage, the new laundry/utility room, etc. But the process, and preparing for the process, has me feeling nervous and anxious.



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