UK Winter Holiday Travel Guide


UK Winter Holiday Travel Guide

There are many reasons to choose the UK as a winter holiday destination, not just because of COVID-19 and the restrictions it entails, but because of the array of beautiful locations the UK has to offer. 

Also, choosing the UK for a staycation is much likely to be a cheaper option than visiting abroad, so, if you have a large family, booking a big cottage somewhere in the countryside might be the one for you. Think board games, winter walks and a log burning fire. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? 

From the stunning waters in the Lake District, to the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, the UK has something for everyone. Whether you want a adventure filled family get together, or a relaxing break with your partner, this guide will take you through the best options out there. 

For such a small group of islands, the UK has many diverse landscapes, ranging from neat farmland of the south to the remote mountains of the far north, with several stunning national parks in between. 

Leading specialist tour operators, Inntravel, specialise in slow holidays on which you can discover the lesser-taken path and take your time to enjoy the moment. The holidays below embody this message and are great for those of you who like to take your time on holiday to enjoy what’s around you, such as nature and the local sites. 

Seascapes of North Norfolk 

The North Norfolk coast is an effortlessly alluring place. With a stunning coastline, marsh land and rolling hills, North Norfolk is filled with adventure. 

The wildlife it has to offer is vast, particularly birds. Birds you are likely to spot in the Winter months are Wildfowl and Waders, that flock to the marshes. So, if you are bird lover, don’t forget to take your binoculars! 

The accommodation here is also charming, with gorgeous brick cottages, inns, guest houses and hotels offering warmth, character, and comfort. 

The Tweed & the Scottish Borders

Filled to the brim with Salmon, the waters of the Tweed flow through the Scottish Borders, which travels through the extraordinary valleys and rolling hills. 

The tweed and Scottish Borders are not only filled to the brim with salmon, but its bound with history at every corner. When exploring, you will find masses of tower houses that were built to keep out the raiders, and you will also spot Melrose Abbey, one of Scotland’s most important medieval buildings. 

The three towns that reside here pride themselves in giving their visitors warm and welcoming hospitality, which is showcased in every accommodation type. 

Secret Suffolk 

Riverside paths, bridleways and quiet country lanes, Suffolk offers the most glorious green landscapes with hills and woods of plenty. Suffolk is also packed with unspoiled historic sites and peaceful villages.

Suffolk isn’t short of wildlife either, with the riverbanks providing homes for water voles, moles, kingfishers and coots. On your wintery walks around the riverbanks and quaint villages, you will spot numerous medieval wall painting and crumbling Norman castles.

There are a few charming market towns within the area that offer high-quality accommodation and an array of restaurants, which are perfect to sample the local produce. 

Hills & Dales of Yorkshire 

The Yorkshire Dales boasts some of the most glorious valleys in the UK. With rivers, rolling hills, castle ruins, traditional stone villages and pretty market towns, there is always something to discover here. 

Wrap up warm and get your walking boots on to discover the historic sites of Middleham and Richmond, which are market towns known as the ‘Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales’. 

Yorkshire is well-known for its friendly people, and this is no exception when staying in the welcoming guesthouses and country inns the dales have to offer. 

The Hardy Way 

Situated in Dorset, The Hardy Way is renowned for its scenery, but probably most known for its mentions in the novels and poems of Thomas Hardy, an English novelist and poet. Some of his work you might recognise is Far from the Madding Crows and Jude the Obscure. 

Think green hills, ancient woodland, thatched cottages and Norman churches, The Hardy Way will take you though idyllic landscapes which are filled with natural beauty. Whether you have read Hardy or not, walking through this part of Dorset will bring you a feeling of contentment that is illustrated throughout his work. 

The accommodation here is as charming as the scenery around is, and the warm welcome you receive at the hotels and inns here will make you want to visit time and time again. 

Landscape of the Peak District 

The Peak District national park offers manicured gardens, rocky hills and heather-clad moors, making the Peak District one of the most beautiful places in the UK to explore, so don’t forget your winter coat and woolly hat. 

There are a few lovely market towns in the Peak district offering pleasant and friendly accommodation for families, couples or those who like to explore alone. Like all over the UK, the weather in the Peak District is unpredictable, so if visiting here, pack for all possibilities. 

As you might have guessed, the holidays above are great if you enjoy walking and cycling. In all of these locations, you will be able to uncover thousands of years of history as your follow tranquil riverside footpaths, panoramic moorland trails and spectacular coastal routes through the UK’s most beautiful and contrasting landscapes. 

We know how beautiful the UK is, but one thing that can be unforeseeable about the UK is the weather. If you live in the UK you will be used to this, and there’s no doubt you will be fully equipped to deal with what the UK weather has to offer. But if not, we recommend you take with you plenty of layers and thermals, warm gloves, a hat, a scarf, hand warmers, wellies, walking boots, a big coat, and a waterproof jacket. Oh, and an umbrella! 

If you like the sound of any of the adventure filled destinations above, please visit the Inntravel website to book or enquire. 


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