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One Bronzy Mauve Eye Look, Two Lip Options

One purplish mauve eye look, two lip options

Looking for an easy eye makeup look that looks better than bare minimum and works with a wide variety of lipstick colors? If you are, have I got an eye look for you! 😃 Check out this bronzy taupe…

Yeah, yeah, who’s wearing lipstick these days? Well, I mean, I think a lot of us are. I was chatting with a few gals on Instagram (here’s me, BTW), and it turns out there are a lot of people out there spending a lot of time at home right now (no, really!?), parenting, surviving and hopefully thriving, in, like, full-on bright red lips because they simply miss wearing lipstick. So, before you put your hands on your hips, shake your finger at me and say, “Karen, everybody’s masked up, so lipstick is total and complete nonsense now!” I politely disagree.

We’re still wearing lipstick, y’all. HEAR US ROAR! 😸


wander beauty wanderess escape palette eye look
One purplish mauve eye look, two lip options

So, back to the eye makeup… Curl your lashes, fill in your brows, and grab the following:

Key eye makeup products

  1. A bronze cream shadow stick
  2. A matte mauve powder shadow
  3. A matte cool brown eyeshadow
  4. A black or blackish brown pencil liner
  5. A shimmery warm champagne shadow

Here’s what you do

  1. Apply and blend the bronze cream shadow all over the part of your lid that moves when you blink (a.k.a. your mobile lid), as well as the crease, diffusing the shadow into a soft gradient as you move up toward your brows.
  2. Layer the matte purplish mauve eyeshadow directly on top of the bronze cream shadow, first using a flat eyeshadow brush. Next, grab a clean tapered or domed blending brush, and soften out the edges. Now, if you want, run the brush along your lower lash line with however much product remains on the brush.
  3. Next, line your lash lines with the black or brownish black pencil. Then, load a pencil brush with the dark cool brown shadow, and soften the liner by running the tip of the brush along the liner’s edge.
  4. Dab a touch of the shimmery warm champagne into the inner corners…
  5. And finish with mascara, false lashes and a shot of tequila (kidding).

If you want, you can also do the following

  1. Optional step 1: Tightline your waterline. Side note — I *always* do this! Makes my lashes look thicker. 😉
  2. Optional step 2: Blend some of the cool matte brown eyeshadow in the outer corner for more depth.

Two lip options

I think this works with so many different lip colors because the balance between the warm bronzy shadow base and the cooler mauve and brown tones makes it suitable to wear with neutral, cool and warm lipsticks. I’ve paired it here with a neutral rosy brown lipstick and a warm cranberry red lipstick to give you two options; I also think this look would be great with dark brown, wine or brick shades.

wander beauty wanderess escape palette mac dance with me
The eye makeup with warm cranberry red lipstick
wander beauty wanderess escape palette laura mercier beige intime
Same eyes, but now with a rosy brown lipstick (t-shirt: Mascara & Kitties)

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wander beauty wanderess escape palette laura mercier beige intime mac dance with me
One purplish mauve eye look, two lip options

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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