How To Find Cheap House Plants

Ready to add charm to your home without spending a lot of money or energy? Nothing dresses up a home more quickly and effortlessly than houseplants. Whether lush container plants or hanging baskets with gracefully cascading foliage, a few houseplants can turn a space from blah to wow.

But to make this an affordable option, you’ll have to find affordable houseplants. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find inexpensive house plants that are – or will be – great beauties as they mature. It’s even possible to get some free if you know where to look.

Affordable House Plants

There’s a famous Anthony Powell novel called “Books Do Furnish a Room.” Most writers tend to agree with that sentiment, but plant lovers might argue that plants do it better. They not only make the room feel occupied but – unlike books – they also make it feel more welcoming and hospitable and more alive.

There are several ways to go about locating gorgeous houseplants that won’t require your entire month’s disposable income. First is selecting lower-cost houseplants. Second is finding pre-owned cool houseplants at bargain basement prices. Third is creating your own houseplants from cuttings. Any one of these will get you less expensive plants.

Buying Lower-Cost Houseplants

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